Chris LeRusso's path to ROH begins at the Top Prospect Tournament

Chris LeRusso enters the Top Prospect Tournament as one of its most arrogant competitors and one of its most dangerous. The self-proclaimed “Heir Apparent”, LeRusso considers himself the rightful “Heir” to the title of the greatest wrestler of all-time. He sees himself as coming from the same mold as Danielson, Punk, McGuinness, Richards, and other great champions.

A 10-plus year veteran, LeRusso was trained by central Pennsylvania wrestling mainstay Ken Downs, and has supplemented his training in recent years with regular visits to ROH dojo and training camps. He has expanded his skill set by training at Mark Cherico Martial Arts Academy, an academy that lists UFC Heavyweight Adam Milstead and current UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody “No Love” Garbrandt as alumni. This training has given LeRusso significant striking power, especially with his kicks and knees.

Beyond his in ring skills, the most dangerous thing about LeRusso might be his mind. He is a licensed corporate attorney who has shown himself to be keenly intelligent and increasingly manipulative. LeRusso often studies his opponents closely, finding ways into their heads. The resulting mind games often throws them off their game so drastically that opponents make fatal mistakes. 

LeRusso has attempted to jump the line to get to the top of ROH in the past, attempting to join both the Decade and House of Truth with no luck. The ROH Executive Board has agreed to give LeRusso another opportunity in ROH but they are making him officially earn his opportunities by winning the TPT. LeRusso has officially entered the Top Prospect Tournament and has a chance to change his fortunes overnight.  The path begins in LeRusso’s hometown of Pittsburgh and, if LeRusso has anything to say about it, the road will lead to his throne.