Bully Ray Puts Maria Manic Through A Table In Philadelphia

For nearly six months, “The Maneater” Maria Manic destroyed everyone in her path, but Sunday night at Final Battle fallout at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, she was the one left lying.

Just as Manic was about to powerbomb Angelina Love through a table, Bully Ray ambushed Manic and chokeslammed her through the table.

The reason behind Bully Ray’s despicable actions remains unclear.

The situation began with Love, accompanied by fellow Allure member Mandy Leon, coming to the ring and calling out Manic, who had scored a dominant win over Love in her much-anticipated WOH debut match at Final Battle on Dec. 13.

Manic wasted no time answering Love’s challenge. Love and Leon attempted to double-team her, but Manic easily overpowered them. Before Manic could give the crowd the pleasure of seeing Love get her comeuppance by going through a table, Bully Ray -- the proverbial bad penny -- showed up.

It’s unknown what Bully’s problem is with Manic. Perhaps he was simply looking for someone to take out his frustration on after losing to Mark Haskins -- who got an assist from his wife, Vicky Haskins -- in a street fight at Final Battle, and Manic was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Regardless, Manic definitely does not seem like the type to not seek retribution.