Brian Johnstone Scores Tainted Victory Over Danhausen In Final Battle Rematch

After ranting incessantly for weeks about his loss to Danhausen at Final Battle in December, “The Mecca” Brian Johnson finally gained a measure of revenge.

Johnson cheated his way to a win over Danhausen in a rematch that was shown exclusively on YouTube on Wednesday night.

Danhausen, who was recently voted Best New Star of 2020, appeared to be on the verge of going 2-0 against Johnson. He rocked Johnson with a GTS, but the force of the blow knocked Johnson out of the ring.

While on the floor, Johnson grabbed a microphone. As the referee was busy on the other side of the ring putting the turnbuckle pad back on that Johnson had removed seconds earlier, Johnson nailed Danhausen over the head with the microphone.

Johnson dove on top of Danhausen and illegally placed his feet on the ropes for leverage. The referee didn’t see Johnson’s feet on the ropes and made the three count.

“He stole that one,” color analyst Caprice Coleman said.