Breakout Star of the Year: Quinn McKay

The bespectacled, bow-tie-wearing broadcaster proved that she’s also a bespectacled, bow-tie-wearing badass.

Quinn McKay was already a star as a backstage interviewer and host of Ring of Honor Wrestling and ROH Week By Week. In 2021, she also became a star in the ring. 

A product of the ROH Dojo, McKay had wrestled less than 10 matches on the independent circuit before becoming a member of the ROH women’s division this year.

Despite her lack of experience, McKay – a former roller derby competitor who describes herself as “5 feet of concrete” – more than held her own against veterans such as The Allure’s Angelina Love and Mandy Leon in her first two matches in ROH.

In her third match, McKay knocked off Leon in the first round of the ROH Women’s World Title Tournament. McKay nearly defeated eventual tournament winner Rok-C in the quarterfinals, but she couldn’t overcome the knee injury she suffered during the match.

Possessing impressive athleticism and unwavering determination, McKay is just scratching the surface of how good she can be as a wrestler.