Best New Star: Danhausen

Danhausen is very nice, very evil, and very popular.

He made his ROH debut near the end of 2019, and even though he lost his match, Danhausen won over the fans, who demanded to see more of the cool ghoul in ROH.

ROH officials obliged, bringing Danhausen back for a few appearances in January and February. A victory remained elusive, as did the contract Danhausen publicly campaigned for. Among his demands were stacks of money and a blimp with his face on it.

ROH officials made a counteroffer of sorts: They tendered a contract to Danhausen (fittingly on Halloween), but for it to go into effect he had to win at least one match before the end of 2020. Also, no stacks of money and no blimp. (“Up yours, Dave Honor!”)

At Final Battle on Dec. 18, Danhausen scored a controversial victory by disqualification over Brian Johnson to become a full-time member of the roster.

Fans can now look forward to more Danhausen in ROH in 2021. But remember, no swearing, or else he’ll be taken off television (and the internet).