Best Finisher: Bandido's 21 Plex

There’s no doubt Bandido is a spectacular high-flyer, but he also possesses extraordinary strength that belies his 5-foot-7, 183-pound frame. The 21 Plex perfectly combines the Mexican star’s agility and power.

After maneuvering his opponent into a vulnerable position (bent over with their arms clutching the middle rope), Bandido charges from across the ring, does a head-first flip onto his opponent’s back, then slingshots himself backward and German suplexes his opponent into a bridging pin in one fluid motion.

Because of his strength, Bandido is able to execute the move on competitors as large as Shane Taylor, and he also has 21-Plexed two men at the same time. Bandido has used the 21 Plex to score victories over the likes of Taylor, two-time former ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe, Mark Haskins and Silas Young.