Best Final Battle Entrance: Marty Scurll

The familiar, opening strains of Scurll’s sinister music brought the sold-out crowd at Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom to its feet. As the eerie images of “The Villain” flashed on the LED screens, the captivated crowd chanted along with Scurll’s “woop, woop” battle cry.

When Scurll emerged from the back and stood on the stage, his appearance was startling. Despite his “Villain” moniker, Scurll was not wearing a black hat. In fact, Scurll -- who in the weeks leading up to the match had been encouraging his opponent, Jay Lethal, to embrace his own villainous past -- was dressed in all white, from his hat, to his creepy bird mask, to his feather-laden coat; even his ever-present umbrella was colorless. Scurll had transformed himself into a walking paradox, and it all made for a haunting spectacle.

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