August Wrestler Of The Month: Vincent

The lasting image from The Last Stand was of a triumphant Vincent standing over a beaten Matt Taven.

The epic steel cage match at Glory By Honor on Aug. 21 ended the blood feud between the former friends that had begun 18 months prior.

Vincent finished off Taven with Orange Sunshine to put an exclamation point on his emergence from Taven’s shadow. The Righteous leader also gained possession of Taven’s ROH World Title shot with the career-defining victory.

It was fitting that the match took place in Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena (formerly known as the ECW Arena) because it was one of the most violent matches in ROH history.

Barbed wire, thumb tacks and even an ax were used as weapons, leaving both men with scars -- both physical and emotional -- that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

After conquering Taven, Vincent put on the crown that had been worn by the former leader of The Kingdom, but then he tossed it aside like garbage.

“I still yet have been rewarded for all the suffering I put myself through and all the suffering I put everybody else through,” a bloody Vincent said moments after the match. “But what better trophy? It’s not a crown. What better trophy than the Ring of Honor World Championship? Dig what I’m sayin’?”