“American Nightmare” Blazing New Ground as Champion

This past weekend, “The American Nightmare” Cody took the Ring of Honor World Championship on the road. Last week, Cody informed the world via his Twitter that he competed through his historic IWGP Heavyweight Championship match with Kazuchika Okada with a separated shoulder but would not require surgery. 

He then threatened to make his three upcoming independent commitments Ring of Honor World Championship matches, with or without the approval of the ROH Board of Directors.

Not only did the “American Nightmare” make good on his threat to defend his championship but Cody woke up Monday morning ROH World Champion despite a separated shoulder. 

There have been very few instances since Bryan Danielson defended the ROH World Championship against Kamala has the championship been defended outside the confines of a ROH ring. But in the occasions that it has occurred, it has been with partner organizations such as more recent defenses by Christopher Daniels in the United Kingdom and Australia. Cody, acting against the request of the Board of Directors, defended the championship in organizations not expressly affiliated with ROH.

In the aftermath of the successful defenses, Cody’s lawyers have petitioned to have the defenses added to the record books to ensure that he is “appropriately attributed as a fighting champion.” The three defenses have retroactively been added to his ledger, giving Cody three successful defenses. With three defenses, Cody has tied Eddie Edwards and Homicide in successful title defenses and sits one behind CM Punk, James Gibson, and Xavier in the record books.

The ROH Board of Directors and attorneys have told ROHWrestling.com that we cannot mention the names of events or stars that Cody has defeated but we can report that Cody has stated that he will defend the championship in any singles bouts he has been signed to compete. 

Should Cody defend the championship successfully once more, he would join Punk, Gibson, and Xavier. Two defenses would tie Roderick Strong’s five defenses, while three more would tie Jerry Lynn. Should Cody defend the title all four days, his seven defenses would tie him with Michael Elgin and Tyler Black, placing him just one behind Christopher Daniels. 

ROHWrestling.com is monitoring Cody’s bouts this weekend and will report on the results should ROH Board of Directors have to make an emergency decision following one of his matches.