Allure Makes Shocking Debut At G1 Supercard

The word going around Ring of Honor in recent weeks was that some female talents who had made names for themselves in another company were possibly signing with Women of Honor.

We now know that the women in question are Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. They made an unannounced appearance at G1 Supercard on April 6 at sold-out Madison Square Garden and wasted no time making an impact and causing chaos.

After Kelly Klein scored an emotional, hard-fought victory over Mayu Iwatani to become the first two-time WOH World champion, Love and Sky shocked the crowd as they walked down the ramp and confronted Klein in the ring.

Mandy Leon -- who had sat in on commentary during the match -- entered the ring and stood alongside Klein opposite Love and Sky. Suddenly, Leon removed one of her high heels and nailed Klein in the head with it. Love then pump-kicked Klein.

Jenny Rose hit the ring in an attempt to make the save, but Love took her out with a pump-kick. Stella Grey then entered the ring, but Sky sprayed her in the face with hair spray, and Leon DDT’d her.

Sky drew an “A” with lipstick on the fallen Klein’s forehead. Love, Sky and Leon then left the ring and posed on the ramp, where a graphic that read “The Allure” appeared on the screen behind them. has learned that Love and Sky had signed with WOH a few days earlier and were supposed to be introduced during G1 Supercard. That’s why they were backstage and the graphic was ready to go.

Love and Sky clearly had other ideas as to how they wanted to make their debut. What motivated Leon to form an alliance with Love and Sky remains unclear.

What is certain is that with The Allure on the scene, things in WOH are about to get a lot more interesting.