After Successful Excursion, Coast 2 Coast Vows To Turn Heads In ROH

During the past year, Coast 2 Coast put themselves on the map in Ring of Honor by defeating teams such as War Machine, The Motor City Machine Guns and The Kingdom. Always looking to further hone their skills, the duo recently traveled to the other side of the map.

During a seven-week excursion with Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) in Germany, Coast 2 Coast had an impressive run, including scoring a pair of victories over highly regarded, hard-hitting tag team Arrows of Hungary and nearly winning the wXw Tag Team Titles from Jay FK.

LSG and Shaheem Ali have returned from the successful tour more determined than ever to realize their goal of becoming ROH World Tag Team Champions.

“2019 will be the year we position ourselves as the cornerstone of the tag team division and forge our names as ROH mainstays,” LSG told “We’re better, smarter, more experienced and pissed off. The ROH World Tag Team Championships will be ours.”

Not only did LSG and Ali gain valuable experience by competing against new opponents with varying styles, but the excursion also strengthened their bond.

“We lived with each other for eight weeks,” LSG said. “We shared a room, went food shopping together, worked out together, and led training sessions at the wXw Academy almost every single day. It strengthened our bond as brothers and as a team. We have never been more focused and driven to prove everyone wrong and to open up the eyes of the naysayers and ROH management. We promise that we are going to turn heads when we return. There’s no more holding back.”

While in Germany, the high-flying duo trained with mat-based wrestlers such as Timothy Thatcher and Alexander James in an effort to expand their repertoire.

“These two months away in Germany, as a team we’ve added a few new things,” Ali said. “We’ll be more dangerous as a team by taking a more vicious approach. I guarantee the fans around the world watching and supporting our journey will appreciate what we’re going to bring to the table.”

When they weren’t competing in the ring, Coast 2 Coast had an opportunity to share some of their knowledge by serving as guest trainers at the wXw Wrestling Academy.

“Having that opportunity to help others grow was absolutely thrilling and a blessing,” Ali said. “The wXw academy students all appreciated what we had to offer, that being every detailed insight of knowledge I have used to progress in my career as well as a ton of drills I’ve learned from Delirious, Cheeseburger and Sumie Sakai.”

Although it was their first time wrestling overseas, Coast 2 Coast proved to be very popular with German fans.

“Our biggest win was against Arrows of Hungary,” Ali said. “The die-hard wXw crowd in Köln was loving C2C and were genuinely cheering. I’ll never forget the heartfelt, ‘Please come back chants,’ which truly moved us.”

Added LSG: “The biggest highlight for me personally was wrestling in Turbinenhalle Oberhausen during the wXw World Tag Team League weekend. The atmosphere there was incredible and nothing like I had ever felt before. The fans were welcoming and wild.”

Competing in Germany was extra special for LSG because he was born there.

“Getting the chance to be go back to my country of birth to compete for such a prestigious organization was a major milestone for me,” he said. “I left as a baby, so I spent most of my life dreaming of going back to see where I came from.”

The next major milestone LSG and Ali hope to attain is putting gold around their waists. Coast 2 Coast’s last match in ROH before leaving for Germany was against Jay and Mark Briscoe for the ROH World Tag Team Titles. It was Coast 2 Coast’s first pinfall loss in 2018, although the team did not compete for nearly a four-month stretch due to Ali being injured in a car accident.

“2019 is going to be the year that Coast 2 Coast will seize more opportunities,” Ali said. “We will be focused on pay-per-view events, tag team championships, merchandise and making sure that our brand is appreciated and acknowledged.

“That includes no car accidents for me,” he added.