10 Questions With... Silas Young

Silas Young discusses why there aren’t more real men in professional wrestling, his thoughts on people’s obsession with politics, whether he’s ever worn a cheesehead, and more.

1. If you hadn’t gone into pro wrestling, what would you be doing for a living?

I feel like I was born for pro wrestling. I feel like it found me at an extremely important time in my life. Without wrestling, I’m sure I’d be doing some sort of mundane, uninspiring job and be a very unhappy person. 

2. What’s the best advice you’ve received about the wrestling business and who gave it to you?

It’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing. I think just being a part of the wrestling business and learning how things operate has been very eye-opening to see how life works in general. 

3. Who were some of your favorite wrestlers growing up?

Hulk Hogan, Shawn Micheals, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, The Rockers. 

4. What’s something that’s popular that you just don’t see the appeal of?

People’s obsession with politics. The general public thinks both sides hate each other, but at the end of the day they are all out eating together and having a good time off the backs of taxpayers. 

5. What’s a subject you’d like to know more about?

I’m a big fan of the Florida Keys and I’ve always thought it would be cool to live there and travel through via boat. I’d like to learn more about living a slower, laid-back type of life on an island and what it takes to own and operate a scuba business. 

6. What’s on your bucket list?

Seeing as much of the world as possible and experiencing other cultures. I love to travel. 

7. Do you have any hidden talents?

No real hidden talents to speak of. I try to be a pretty open person once I get to know people.

8. What’s your strangest fan encounter?

I’ve had a few strange encounters, some I don’t think I could talk about on here, but let’s just say I’ve had some odd requests from fans. 

9. In your opinion, why aren’t there more “real men” in pro wrestling?

The “real men” thing is just a product of an easily offended culture we live in. I feel like wrestlers are always so concerned about their popularity and whether or not they are upsetting people. It’s easier to go with the flow, and I’ve never been that type of person. 

10. Two-part question: As a Green Bay Packers fan, how do you think they’ll do this season, and have you ever worn one of those big cheeseheads? 

Definitely worn the cheesehead, and I’m pretty sure there is one in our house somewhere. I think every Packers fan thinks the next season is gonna be the year we go back to the Super Bowl, and I’m no different.