10 Questions With... Rhett Titus

The self-proclaimed “Mr. Survival of the Fittest” Rhett Titus discusses the Flex Express movement, baby oil, bells on his nipples and more.

1. What is your earliest memory of pro wrestling?
I can remember always watching “WCW Saturday Night” in 1990 at the age of 3. I would always cuddle up with a teddy bear while watching. Until one night I looked at the TV and saw Lex Luger. The striations and muscular development was nothing like I had ever seen in my young life and I was completely enamored with his physique. I looked at my pudgy, stuffed teddy bear and told him that’s what I want to be when I grow up. I then proceeded to rip apart that old stinky, pudgy teddy bear and throw it the hell out.

2. What’s a subject you’d like to know more about?
Math! Something that was always a weak spot for me. If I could get a little bit smoother with basic math, it would benefit me greatly when adding and subtracting weight plates in the gym.

3. What’s something that’s popular that you just don’t see the appeal of?
Dad bods, hairy chests, and beer bellies.

4. Do you have any hidden talents?
If you attach little bells to my nipples I can play the beat of the song “Funkytown” using only my pectoral muscles. Been talking to the powers that be about having an exclusive pectoral concert for HonorClub.

5. Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Yes, I go to the gym TWICE a day EVERY DAY. People beg and plead with me to stop, but they’re fat so their opinion doesn’t matter.

6. Which actor would play you in “The Rhett Titus Story?”
Jason Siegel personality-wise, but he’s going to have to get his azz in the gym.

7. Where is Lil Willy?
If I knew where Lil Willy was I wouldn’t have started a search to find him. #WhereIsLilWilly with any clues please!

8. How many bottles of baby oil do you go through in a month?
I actually started buying baby oil by the bucket due to inflation, but believe it or not,  a 96-ounce bucket will last me a whole entire weekend.

9. What is your current body-fat percentage?  
What’s body fat?

10. Any final words for the fans?
Are you fans tired of looking the way that you do? Gross, fat, out of shape? Wouldn’t you rather look like, let’s say … Rhett Titus? Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Mr. Survival of the Fittest. Luckily for you there is a new movement to get you to your goals and it is coming to a city near you!

The Flex Express is a positive movement to help the helpless. Look out for it whenever ROH is in your area. If you see a huge tour bus and a really jacked guy flexing in his underwear, you’re in the right spot. Just take your clothes off and start flexing with the captain of the Flex Express, Rhett Titus himself. You’ll realize that you look so bad standing next to him, you’ll have no choice but head to the nearest gym to drop those extra pounds! Join the Flex Express!