10 Questions With... Punishment Martinez

Find out what advice “The Creeper of Violence” Punishment Martinez received from Paul Heyman, what attracts him to the dark lifestyle, his thoughts on his upcoming match with Tomohiro Ishii at Supercard of Honor and more.

1. If you weren't a pro wrestler what would you be doing for a living?

I'd be an MMA fighter. Martial arts was my first love. From the tradition and respect to the physical aspect of combat, it is something I've always been drawn to.

2. What's a subject you'd like to know more about?

Area 51. What's in there? Why can't we know? Tell me about the aliens!

3. Who is your favorite movie villain?

That one is tricky. My favorite movies are based on how good or bad the villains are. I would have to say Heath Ledger's “Joker.” The character’s love for violence and anarchy is impressive, and I can definitely appreciate that.

4. What is the best piece of advice you've been given in pro wrestling and who gave it to you?

"Be relentless in your quest to make it. If you're told no, show up and try again and again if necessary. If a door is closed, kick the f----- open because quitting is the only guaranteed way to fail.” That’s from Paul Heyman.

5. Who is your favorite musical artist to listen to when you're working out?

Iced Earth and Silencer.

6. What is your favorite building to wrestle in?

The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Not just because I was born in New York City, but I actually used to bartend in that same building. Every time ROH would run there I would request off because if I was going to be in the building working, I wanted it to be in the ring. I love going back there because it reminds me where I came from.

7. You've said you earned the name “Punishment” on the streets. Can you describe what life was like for you growing up in Puerto Rico?

Growing up in Puerto Rico wasn't easy. My family didn't have much and we didn't live in good areas but it definitely shaped who I am. Earn everything you get and fight for what's yours if necessary. Hell, sometimes fight for what's not yours just to have it.

8. What led you to embrace the dark side, and how would you describe your lifestyle?

Since I can remember, the idea of fear always intrigued me. The odd, weird, dark, evil, skulls, blood and anything else most stay away from I always have been drawn to. I would describe my lifestyle as unique and special.

9. It seems like inflicting pain and hurting your opponents is just as important to you as winning. Why is that?

I guess it comes from my martial arts background, which is like the “Cobra Kai” way of mercy is for the weak. If you leave unscathed, I failed at my job. The moment I see pain and I know my opponent is hurting, there's a feeling of victory that makes me happy.

10. What are your thoughts on facing Tomohiro Ishii, someone who is just as hard-hitting and no-nonsense in the ring as you are, at Supercard of Honor April 7?

Thrilled. Anyone who has seen us go knows that at Supercard of Honor we aren't going to have a traditional wrestling match. We're going to fight. There's going to be violence and anarchy and I, along with my legion watching, will love every second of it.