10 Questions With... PCO

PCO opens up about what scares him, what the black gunk is that his creator Destro spews out of his mouth, whether he ever worries when Destro says, “Don’t worry,” and more.

1. If you hadn’t gone into pro wrestling, what would you be doing for a living?

As a young kid, I was a really good hockey player. When I lost my right eyesight at age 12 due to a pellet gun accident, pro wrestling became my only goal and my dream, but even with one eye I was good enough to play for the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League while studying to become a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist. After a few years, I finally decided to hit the road and pursue a full-time pro wrestling career. 

2. What’s the best advice you’ve received about the wrestling business and who gave it to you?

“Each and every person is born unique and different from each other in this world. Be yourself in this business, don’t try to be someone that you’re not. Be who you truly are.” From Dwayne Johnson.

3. What’s a subject you’d like to know more about?

Learning more on the magnetic field that makes me who I am.

4. What’s on your bucket list?

Helping Villain Enterprises becoming the most successful and talked about faction in pro wrestling. To become the biggest comeback story in sports history, over the likes of George Foreman and Tiger Woods. That includes winning a world championship title with a major wrestling organization such as ROH on the way to becoming a blockbuster Hollywood true story movie and a best-selling book. Also, making sure that every single car in the world is protected by the PCO and Destro Jumper Cables. Impacting positively the lives of many people and transcending the wrestling industry into all walks of life.

5. You instill fear in people. What scares you?

That planet Earth would run out of electricity!

6. What are your thoughts regarding Flip Gordon joining Villain Enterprises? What do you think he brings to the group?

Flip definitely brings tremendous talent, and he is a top high flyer that can wrestle and do it all. So Villain Enterprises has Brody ([King] who can fly and brawl; PCO who can also fly or use his own body as a weapon; Marty [Scurll] as the CEO, a pure villain and the smartest and most talented wrestler in the ring. You add Flip to the equation, you’ve got a good mix of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, muscle cars, Hummer trucks and tanks in the group. So with the four of us together, it creates the perfect and most powerful faction in all of pro wrestling today .

7. How often do you need to recharge your battery?

When I can sleep in a refrigerator it feels great to my body. It’s such a great meditation treatment for every cell of my body and my mind. I go out completely to a flatline heartbeat, then I need D.Destro to boost me back up. I also need it sometimes before getting into the ring; it gives me a great jump-start for my matches. A few times, D.Destro did electrocute me while I was out during a fight and it made a huge difference at the end. There are a lot of advantages in not being human.

8. Speaking of Destro, what’s with the black gunk that he spews out of his mouth?

D.Destro is a very special entity. He also can take many forms. The black stuff coming out of his mouth is like a venom that he can produce on demand. Instead of giving me the antidote vaccine for it, he made sure my body became strong by fighting the black venom. By doing so he was making sure that his creature would develop an inhuman immune system by itself.

9. Do you ever get worried when Destro says, “Don’t worry?”

Never, ever, ever! Who would doubt his own creator? If he knew how to create PCO he knows what is good for the well-being of his creature. He knows how to train his monster to bring him to the top. People don’t know this, but D.Destro has throughout the ages been behind the most powerful and successful celebrities’ achievements. D.Destro chooses you and asks you if you’re willing to pay the price for what you really want in life. You cannot choose him; he chooses you.

10. Any final words for the ROH fans?

You are a big part of my world and I want to thank you from the bottom of my car battery inside my chest. My huge, thick scar is a reminder of that every day of my new life.