10 Questions With... Mandy Leon

The Allure’s Mandy Leon discloses the advice her mother gave her about entering pro wrestling; what Britney Spears, ghost hunter Zak Bagans and 100 Pomeranians all have in common; her message to Women of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein ahead of their title match in London on Oct. 25, and more.

1. What would you be doing for a living if you hadn’t gone into pro wrestling?

Professional wrestling has always been No. 1. I had the opportunity to go to Parsons School Of Design for fashion design at a very young age and set that aside to focus on wrestling. I have always had a passion for performing throughout my life and I jumped on every opportunity possible for acting, singing, dancing, etc., and when the doors of professional wrestling training finally opened up for me I fell in love instantly, not only for the wrestling itself but because it was everything I loved in one career. 

If not wrestling, I would either have gone on to pursue a fashion design career or become an archeologist. I have an obsession with ancient history and always say that if I wasn’t involved in wrestling today, I would be an archeologist traveling the world doing excavations and laboratory analyses.

2. What’s the best advice you’ve been given about the wrestling business and who gave it to you?

The best advice I’ve ever been given about the wrestling business and the world in general was not from a former or current pro wrestler, but from my mother of all people. My mother knew at the time I began pro wrestling training at the ROH Dojo that I was the only female student during that time in my class and her advice essentially was always: “Never give up, never let anyone bring you down, give everything your all, be a mind ninja and don’t let anyone phase you, and stay focused.”

“You were born an original, don’t die a copy,” is also a quote I live by. Always stay true to yourself and who you are. 

3. What’s a subject you’d like to know more about?


4. What’s on your bucket list?

I have a very long bucket list, but here are a few unique ones from the list:

•Vacation in Bora Bora and Dubai

•Own a ton of land where I can build a non-kill shelter and rescue animals 

•Own 100 Pomeranians


•Tour the Pyramids/tombs of Egypt 

•Meet Britney Spears

•Go ghost hunting with Zak Bagans

•Finish this interview because I’m bored 

5. Do you have any hidden talents?

Yes. Many. No, I will not tell you. 

6. What’s something that’s popular that you don’t see the appeal of?

•Fast food


•The fashion trend of biker shorts with oversized blazers. Ew.

•See-through skirts. Please stop.

•Nude leggings. No, seriously, please stop.

7. What (non-wrestling) shows do you absolutely never miss?

•American Horror Story

•Queen Of The South

•Masked Singer 

•Ghost Adventures 

•Breaking Bad


8. Other than @diva_foxxy, what is your favorite Twitter account to follow?

@dodo and @_thebestdogs

9. In your experience, which brand of hair spray stings the most when it’s sprayed directly in someone’s eyes? 

Big Sexy Hair hairspray.

10. If Kelly Klein is reading this, what message do you have for her heading into your match against her for Women of Honor World Title in London?

Message? No. I’ll let my actions do the talking. She’ll get her message delivered personally to her in London.