10 Questions With... Lanny Poffo

ROHWrestling.com caught up with the legendary Lanny Poffo to discuss Jay Lethal’s “Macho Man” impression, his most embarrassing moment in wrestling, how he feels about wrestlers pulling “ribs,” and more. Poffo will be a special guest at ROH’s Glory By Honor, which will stream live for HonorClub from New Orleans on Saturday, Oct. 12.

1. What’s the best advice your father, Angelo Poffo, gave you about the wrestling business?

Never miss or be late for a booking. Always respect the fans and give them the best you’ve got. Never “rib” your fellow wrestlers -- there will always be reprisals!

2. What’s a subject you’d like to know more about?

Longevity. Unfortunately, there are too many “experts” who contradict one another and they all have something to sell. I’m constantly reading about health and wellness. I was very disappointed to learn that Paul Bragg lied about his age. He claimed to be 14 years older. 

3. What’s on your bucket list?

I really enjoy doing stand-up comedy. I’ve already made several appearances and the crowds have been very receptive. I also enjoyed doing color commentary for ROH. 

4. What’s something that’s popular that you don’t see the appeal of?

Deer hunting, bullfighting and any cruelty to animals. 

5. You’ve wrestled all over the world. What’s your favorite place (or places) that you’ve been to and why?

The Meiji Shrine in Western Tokyo, Japan. A spiritual experience! Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. It’s actually a fjord. The water is a bright turquoise! Everyplace in New Zealand!

6. What was your most embarrassing moment in your wrestling career?

Let’s just say I had a wardrobe malfunction.

7. What was your reaction the first time you heard Jay Lethal do his Randy Savage impression? And, for the record, what was Randy’s reaction?

The late [promoter] Ed Chuman called Randy to ask permission to do Jay’s Black Machismo. Randy enjoyed his performances! 

8. Of all the many poems you’ve written over the years, does one stand out as your favorite?

From the home of the Olympic Games of 1948
To the World Cup of 1966. (I know the date!)
Now it’s Summer Slam at Wembley and The Genius holds the key
The United Kingdom doesn’t have a man as smart as me!

9. What keeps you busy these days?

I am a divorced father of one and the grandfather of one. Another grandson will be arriving on or around December 4. I also trade currencies on the foreign exchange. 

10. What are your thoughts about being part of Glory By Honor in New Orleans this weekend?

I am very grateful to Ring of Honor for the invitation. My daughter was born in Louisiana 35 years ago. I’m going to cheat on my diet to get some jambalaya and gumbo. I have many happy memories. I met Justin Wilson in 1984. It took him about 3 minutes to lose his famous Cajun accent!