10 Questions With... Jeff Cobb

Find out what ROH World Television Champion Jeff Cobb’s favorite memory is of the 2004 Olympics, his feelings about pineapple on pizza, his message to “Hangman” Adam Page and more.

1. If you weren’t a professional wrestler, what would you be doing for a living?
Towards the end of my college life I wanted to be a teacher but didn’t have time with all the traveling I did with college wrestling, so I switched majors. I’d probably be a teacher and coaching wrestling somewhere.

2. What’s the best advice you’ve been given about the wrestling business and who gave it to you?
Drake Younger told me, “The cream always rises to the top.” I’ve held that close because of who he was and him wanting to help me.

3. What is your earliest memory of pro wrestling?
Watching Hulk Hogan beat all the bad guys!

4. What’s a subject you’d like to know more about?
Languages. If I could I’d like to learn basic conversations in all languages.

5. What’s something that’s popular that you just don’t see the appeal of?
Fortnite, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter. Those are hugely popular, but I’ve never been a fan.

6. If you could on watch one (non-wrestling) show on TV, what would it be?
“Lucifer.” That series is amazing and the stories that have yet to be told -- they can go on forever.

7. Pineapple on pizza -- thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle?
I’m indifferent. Just don’t call it a Hawaiian Pizza. Just because you throw pineapples on something doesn’t make it Hawaiian.

8. Besides the actual competition, what is your favorite memory of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens?
Seeing the walking circus of daily life in the village. Athletes from the largest, strongest people on the planet to the smallest, most ripped female gymnast I’ve ever seen, to sitting next to 7-foot-5 Yao Ming in the computer lab and the cafeteria.

9. You were one of pro wrestling’s hottest free agents before you signed with ROH. Why is ROH the place you want to be?
I’ve always seen ROH and the quality of wrestlers that have come through there. There is such a rich history of amazing performers and talent that can’t be denied. Also, the relationship with New Japan didn’t hurt either.

10. If Hangman Page, your challenger at Final Battle this Friday, is reading this, what message do you have for him?
I hope you packed some sunscreen because I’m about to give you a first-class tour of the islands. Aloha!