10 Questions With... Frankie Kazarian

Find out what SoCal Uncensored’s Frankie Kazarian thinks Christopher Daniels’ best and worst qualities are, whether he believes hair metal rocks or sucks, his true feelings about arch rival Adam Page and more.

1. What is the best lesson you learned from your trainer, the legendary Killer Kowalski, and your favorite memory of him?

Trying to condense all the great lessons that Walter taught me is impossible. He always reminded me to believe in myself and that you cannot stop talent. He would also say, “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear,” which is advice I use in everyday life to this day. My favorite memories would be going to eat with him. I’d go to church with him before wrestling class on Sundays, which he really enjoyed. And any time I took a road trip with him it was an adventure. Mostly because I’d drive and he’d fall asleep and I would have no clue where I was going.

2. What is your most embarrassing moment in wrestling?

My most embarrassing moment in wrestling was during a period from August of 2008 to about February 2010. I don’t remember why, as I have a bit of amnesia regarding that time, but I’m pretty sure it was maybe a tad embarrassing.

3. What's something that's really popular that you just don't get?

There are a lot of things that are popular that I don’t get. These reality shows based on people who are “celebrities” because of their last name. And the fact that people believe there’s any actual reality in these shows is baffling. Also, the popular belief that this country is divided into two boxes -- Republican and Democrat. That people think there are only two sides to the story when, often, we are being lied to by both parties and by what we read and are told. I’m a fan of free, critical thinking, and that doesn’t seem to be too popular these days.

4. What's your secret to being in the best shape of your life at 40?

There’s no secret when it comes to fitness. It’s drive, discipline, determination and consistency. Doing what we do means sacrificing a lot, including free time. But you have to invest in yourself physically. Working out has to become part of you. For me, I have years of trial and error for what works for me and what doesn’t personally. It’s a matter of being smart with eating and supplementation at all times. I always make time to train on the road. The way I see it, there’s someone somewhere who, for whatever reason, cannot physically do what they’d like. They’d give anything to have the ability to work out or train. So I don’t take that for granted and always try to work harder than I did the day before.

5. What is Christopher Daniels’ best quality and what is his worst quality?

CD’s best qualities are his generosity and selflessness. Also his mind for the wrestling business is one of the absolute best. His worst quality is his debilitating pink lemonade Monster Rehab addiction. And his temper when he can’t find them in stores on the road. It’s an ugly scene, trust me.

6. What is your favorite metal album of all time?

My favorite metal album of all time has to be “Master of Puppets” and the “Black Album” from Metallica. An incredibly difficult choice, but I’ve loved those albums for many, many years.

7. Is hair metal: a) nothing but a good time; b) a guilty pleasure: c) an embarrassment to the metal genre?

I’ll say hair metal is nothing but a good time. In fact, I despise the term “hair metal.” I think that it marginalizes a lot of really great music that was produced during that era. People are so caught up with the look at the time they’ve missed out on the fact that we got some amazing songs and albums during that era.

8. Will your band, VexTemper, be releasing any new music and/or playing any live shows?

VexTemper is currently writing and recording. I just recently wrote and recorded new music for SCU which myself, Chris Daniels and Scorpio Sky sing on. I’m real proud of it and think the fans will really dig it. It was all done by just myself and Jake Rich, VexTemper’s guitarist. In the meantime, I’m playing live a good deal with my other band, Gutter Candy, and we rock! Check us out at @guttercandyrock on Twitter!

9. Why do you hate Adam Page so much?

I think Adam Page took it personally when I infiltrated the Bullet Club, which ultimately led to Chris Daniels winning the ROH World Title. I don’t hate Adam, but he might hate me. I do know that for whatever reason, he and I just love to beat the absolute hell out of each other every time we are in a ring together. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. In a strange way, I think we bring out the best in one another and I have a huge amount of respect for Adam and how he’s matured as a performer. Having said that, next time I see him, I’m gonna spit in his face!

10. The Briscoes probably aren't reading this, but if they are, what message would you have for them?

Are you implying that the Briscoes cannot read? If so, that’s quite rude of you. However, Jay and Mark need to realize who they are at war with and what we have at stake. They need to ask themselves if they are willing to do absolutely anything to keep the ROH World Tag Team Titles, because CD and I will stop at nothing to get them. Our careers depend on it. Also, Sandy Fork, Delaware is THE WORST TOWN I’VE EVER BEEN IN!