9/8/19 - ROH Live - Milwaukee, WI

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9/8/19 - ROH Live - Milwaukee, WI

September 8th, 2019
Bell Time: 5:00 PM Central
1721 W Canal St
Milwaukee , Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE -- The dream team of RUSH and Jeff Cobb defeated ROH World Champion Matt Taven and fellow Kingdom member Vincent in the main event of Global Wars Espectacular last night, but it was Taven who looked like a winner at the end of the show.

With a big assist from Vincent, Taven beat down RUSH after the match, hitting RUSH’s own Bull’s Horns finisher on him. Taven then mocked RUSH by doing his “tranquilo” pose and standing over him with his foot on RUSH’s chest.

This latest turn of events adds more fuel to the fire for Taven’s title defense against the undefeated RUSH at the Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view on Sept. 27 in Las Vegas.

As for Cobb, it was announced during the show that he will face the winner of the Taven-RUSH match for the title on the Honor United UK tour in Bolton on Oct. 27.

In other matches last night in Milwaukee: LifeBlood battled ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay and Mark Briscoe and their partner Barbaro Cavernario in a six-man tag match; Marty Scurll went one-on-one with Joe Hendry; Villain Enterprises’ PCO and Brody King squared off with The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas), and more!

The show wrapped up the three-city Global Wars Espectacular tour, which featured the top stars from ROH and CMLL. All three shows lived up to the “espectacular” name and are available on demand for HonorClub.


-- Villain Enterprises (PCO and Body King) defeated The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas)

-- ROH World Television Title Match: Champion Shane Taylor defeated local wrestler Dysfunction

-- Women of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein and Stacy Shadows defeated The Allure (Angelina Love and Mandy Leon)

-- Marty Scurll defeated Joe Hendry

-- Silas Young and Josh Woods defeated Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham

-- PJ Black defeated Triton and Flip Gordon in a Triple Threat Match

-- Volador Jr., Caristico and Stuka Jr. defeated Hechicero, Rey Bucanero and Okumura

-- LifeBlood (Bandido, Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams) defeated ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay and Mark Briscoe and Barbaro Cavernario

-- RUSH and Jeff Cobb defeated ROH World Champion Matt Taven and Vincent


Villain Enterprises (PCO and Body King) vs. The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas)

Four of the biggest men in ROH were in this match, and they were flying around the ring like men half their size. Bruiser hit a crossbody off the top rope onto all three guys on the floor. He also hit a cannonball off the apron onto PCO. The Bouncers set up for Last Call, but The Kingdom’s Vincent came out and knocked Bruiser off the top rope behind the referee’s back. King powerbombed Milonas, and PCO finished him off with a moonsault.

ROH World Television Title Match: Champion Shane Taylor vs. Dysfunction

This match was a late addition to the show. Dysfunction is a veteran of the Milwaukee independent scene. Taylor said before the match began that all Dysfunction has to do to win the title is last five minutes with him. As soon as the bell rang, Dysfunction went to the floor and tried to run out the clock. Taylor said he had heard that Dysfunction was one of the few guys in Milwaukee who would stand toe to toe with him, “not run like a bitch.” Taylor said he would put his hands behind his back and allow Dysfunction till the count of 10 to do whatever he wants to him.

Dysfunction began punching and kicking Taylor, but Taylor decked him with a headbutt. Taylor followed with a clothesline, knee strike and Greetings from 216 for the win. Time of the fall: 2 minutes and 14 seconds.

The Allure (Angelina Love and Mandy Leon) vs. Women of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein and Stacy Shadows

Shadows, who had been champing at the bit to get her hands on The Allure after they beat her down and marked her with an “A” on her forehead in lipstick at an ROH event in May, ran wild on Love and Leon at the beginning of the match. Shadows charged at Leon on the floor, but Leon side-stepped her and Shadows went crashing into the barricade. Leon hit a cannonball on Shadows off the apron. It looked good for The Allure, but a short time later, Klein spiked Love with a DDT and pinned her.

After the match, Leon sprayed hairspray in Klein’s eyes. Love hit a DDT of her own on Klein, and then grabbed Klein’s title belt and stood over her. Love will challenge Klein for the championship at Death Before Dishonor on Sept. 27.

Kenny King and Rhett Titus exchange words backstage

From earlier in the day, Titus was complimented backstage by Caprice Coleman and Mark Haskins for the outstanding match Titus had with Haskins the night before in Chicago. King then walked up to Titus and told him he was not impressed. King said Titus was soft and should “be home breastfeeding your son.” Titus said at least he “didn’t get knocked out by a punk ass cameraman.”

Joe Hendry vs. Marty Scurll 

Scurll is undoubtedly one of the top competitors in ROH, but Hendry was every bit his equal, at least on this night. After they exchanged several near falls, Hendry caught Scurll in an ankle lock. Scurll appeared to be on the verge of tapping out, but he managed to make it to the ropes. Hendry came back with a Codebreaker for a near fall. Hendry had all the momentum in his favor when suddenly Dalton Castle’s music hit. Castle was carried onto the stage by three “boys.” Scurll took advantage of Hendry being momentarily distracted and locked on the Chicken Wing. Hendry tapped out.

Maria Manic is in the house

Brian Johnson stormed to the ring in street clothes and started yelling about being overlooked by management. He opened his gear bag and tossed his robe and boots out of the ring. Suddenly, Manic’s music hit and she entered the ring and confronted Johnson. He delivered a hard slap to Manic’s chest. It had no effect. Several members of security hit the ring, which allowed Johnson to slip away. Manic destroyed the security team.

Silas Young and Josh Woods vs. Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham

Woods surprisingly outwrestled Lethal early in the match, prompting Lethal to shake Woods’ hand. Young was annoyed by Woods accepting the handshake. Gresham hit a low blow on Young behind the referee’s back, which angered Lethal. Lethal said he’s getting tired of those tactics from Gresham. Woods hit a series of suplexes on Lethal followed by a running knee strike in the corner for a near fall.

Later, Lethal went for a flying elbow, but Woods caught him in a cross armbreaker. Lethal reversed it into a figure-four leglock, but Woods countered with an ankle lock and transitioned into a bridging German Suplex. Gresham made the save. Woods it a Shining Wizard on Lethal for a near fall. Gresham slid a chair into the ring, but Lethal refused to use it. As Lethal went to pick up the chair, Woods stomped on his hand. Young then hit Misery on Lethal for the upset win. Young and Woods went 3-0 as a team on the tour.

After the match, Gresham yelled at Lethal for not using the chair. The conversation grew heated, and suddenly the two friends started slugging it out. Security came in to seperate them. Lethal calmed down and tried to talk it out with Gresham, but Gresham punched him in the face and the brawl was back on.

PJ Black vs. Flip Gordon vs. Triton

Gordon’s knee buckled after taking a monkey flip, and he was helped to the back early in the match. A short time later, while Black and Triton were both down, Gordon -- his knee suddenly perfectly fine -- came back down to the ring and attacked both of his opponents. Triton hit Spanish Fly on Gordon, but Black made the save. Triton hit a frog splash on both guys and covered them for a two count. Triton got Gordon in a fireman’s carry, but Gordon ripped off the luchador’s mask. 

While the referee helped Triton get his mask back on, Gordon brought a chair into the ring. Before he could use it on Black, Tracy Williams came down to the ring and disarmed him. Williams chased Gordon to the back. Black went on to defeat Triton after hitting a 450 Splash.

Volador Jr., Caristico and Stuka Jr. vs. Hechicero, Rey Bucanero and Okumura

This entertaining, fast-paced trios match between six CMLL stars ended with Volador Jr. hitting a super hurricanrana on Hechicero for the victory.

Silas Young (w/Josh Woods) has something to say to The Bouncers

Young and Woods came to the ring. Young said he’s been trying to give back to the wrestling business by taking Woods under his wing. He said Woods deserved an “atta boy” for his efforts this weekend. Young asked The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas) to come out.

After The Bouncers came to the ring, Young said he wants to put their differences aside. They all shook hands. Bruiser said he’s glad they’re back on speaking terms, and he led the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday” to Young.

Suddenly, Young jumped Bruiser. Vincent came down to the ring and attacked The Bouncers with a chair. Young used Zip Ties on Milonas to render him defenseless. Vincent grabbed a steel turnbuckle. He got Bruiser in a Camel Clutch position, put the turnbuckle in Bruiser’s mouth and pulled back on it. Blood flowed from Bruiser’s mouth. After Vincent released him, he picked up one of Bruiser’s teeth off the mat. While the heinous attack was going on, Woods tried in vain to get Young to stop it.

LifeBlood (Bandido, Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams) vs. ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay and Mark Briscoe and Barbaro Cavernario

The Briscoes and Cavernario set the tone by jumping LifeBlood right at the opening bell. LifeBlood battled back, and the match was fast-paced, hard-hitting and back-and-forth the rest of the way. The Briscoes hit Redneck Boogie on Bandido, but Haskins made the save. Williams hit a DDT on Jay Briscoe off the top rope. Bandido landed a 450 Splash on Jay, but Mark Briscoe and Cavernario made the save. Mark Briscoe came back with Froggy Bow on Bandido for a near fall. Williams hit a piledriver on Mark, and Haskins followed with a double stomp off the top rope for the victory.

LifeBlood’s win came on the heels of Bandido’s victory over Jay Briscoe the night before. Bandido and Haskins have all the momentum heading into their title match against the ROH World Tag Team Champion Briscoes at Death Before Dishonor.

ROH World Champion Matt Taven and Vincent vs. RUSH and Jeff Cobb 

Vincent hit a side effect on RUSH, and Taven followed with a frog splash. Vincent covered RUSH for a near fall. Later, Taven and Vincent worked in tandem on Cobb, as Taven nailed him with Just the Tip of the knee and Vincent landed Redrum. It looked like that was going to be the end of the match, but RUSH made the save. Cobb came back to hit Tour of the Islands on Vincent for the victory.

After the match, RUSH and Cobb -- who could end up facing each other for the ROH World Championship on the Honor United UK tour next month if RUSH wins the title from Taven at Death Before Dishonor on Sept. 27 -- fist-bumped. Suddenly, Vincent attacked Cobb from behind. RUSH knocked Vincent out of the ring. Taven grabbed a microphone and told RUSH that he will add his name to the long list of challengers he’s defeated.

Taven exited the ring, but RUSH tossed him back in. RUSH punched Taven and set up for Bull’s Horns, but Vincent grabbed RUSH’s foot in the corner. Taven nailed RUSH with the title belt. Taven hit Bull’s Horns on RUSH. The champion mocked RUSH’s “tranquilo” posed and stood over him with his foot on his chest.



The Briscoes and Barbaro Cavernario



Flip Gordon


PJ Black

Caristico / Stuka Jr. / Volador Jr.


Okumura / Hechicero / Rey Bucanero

RUSH / Jeff Cobb


The Kingdom

The Allure


Kelly Klein / Stacy Shadows

The Bouncers


Villain Enterprises

Silas Young / Josh Woods


Jay Lethal / Jonathan Gresham

Marty Scurll


Joe Hendry