5/9/19 - War of the Worlds - Toronto, ON

War of the Worlds
ROH On Tour

5/9/19 - War of the Worlds - Toronto, ON

May 9th, 2019
Bell Time: 7:30 PM Eastern
175 Main Street
Toronto , Ontario

TORONTO -- The blood flowed in a shocking ROH World Title Match between champion Matt Taven and PCO at the War of the Worlds event at Ted Reeve Arena on May 9.

In other bouts: Jeff Cobb’s ROH World Television Title was on the line in a Four Corner Survival Match with Shane Taylor, Brody King and Hirooki Goto; and Jay Lethal battled Japanese legend Satoshi Kojima in a dream match.


-- Bullet Club (ROH World and IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions The Guerrillas of Destiny and Hikuleo) defeated Clark Connors, Karl Fredericks and Alex Coughlin

-- Yuji Nagata defeated Silas Young by disqualification

-- Los Ingobernables de Japón (EVIL and SANADA) defeated The Kingdom (TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia)

-- RUSH defeated PJ Black

-- Jay and Mark Briscoe defeated LifeBlood (Mark Haskins and “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams)

-- Jay Lethal defeated Satoshi Kojima

-- Four Corner Survival Match for ROH World Television Title: Shane Taylor defeated champion Jeff Cobb, Brody King and Hirooki Goto to win the title

-- ROH World Title Match: Champion Matt Taven defeated PCO (w/Destro)


Clark Connors, Karl Fredericks and Alex Coughlin vs. Bullet Club (ROH World and IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions The Guerrillas of Destiny and Hikuleo)

NJPW Young Lions Connors, Fredericks and Coughlin were not the least bit intimidated and were aggressive right from the start. They hung with the Bullet Club members for nearly 10 minutes before Hikuleo caught Connors with a powerslam followed by a chokeslam into a sit-out powerbomb for the win.

Silas Young vs. Yuji Nagata

After several minutes of hard-hitting action, Young executed Misery on Nagata, but in the process of doing so, the referee was inadvertently struck by one of Nagata’s legs and knocked out of the ring. With the referee incapacitated, Young grabbed a chair from ringside, but Nagata was back on his feet before Young could use it. Young had to improvise, so he tossed the chair to Nagta and went down to the mat as if he had been hit by the chair. The Japanese legend responded by opening up the chair, placing it around his own head and lying down on the mat. When the referee came to, he surveyed the scene and awarded the match to Ngata by disqualification.

Afterwards, Young tried to attack Ngata, but Ngata caught him in a cross armbreaker.

The Kingdom (TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japón (EVIL and SANADA)

The evenly matched teams battled back and forth until The Kingdom was able to isolate SANADA. They hit a double flapjack on him, followed by a splash/legdrop combination from the top rope for a near fall. The Kingdom set up for House of 1,000 Horses, but SANADA fought his way out of it, and he and EVIL went on to hit Magic Killer to give the two-time former IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions the victory.

PJ Black vs. RUSH

Black had the undefeated RUSH reeling in the early going and scored a near fall with a crossbody off the top rope. RUSH eventually got on track and took the match outside the ring, where he repeatedly threw Black into the barricades. After hitting a release belly to belly suplex on Black in the corner, RUSH followed up with Bull’s Horns, nearly knocking Black out of the ring, for yet another impressive win.

Dalton Castle delivers a disturbing message

Castle came down to the ring and said that he’s feeling fantastic because he’s “Boy-less” for the first time. He said he never needed The Boys and they aren’t around to drag him down anymore. He said we are all witnessing “the renaissance of Dalton Castle.” Castle said he will burn ROH down.

Jay and Mark Briscoe vs. LifeBlood (Mark Haskins and “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams)

Despite having significantly less experience as a team, Haskins and Williams looked every bit the equal of the 10-time former ROH World Tag Team Champions. LifeBlood appeared to have the match won after Williams hit a frog splash on Jay Briscoe, but Mark Briscoe made the save. The Briscoes regrouped and went on to hit Doomsday Device on Williams for the win.

After the match, Bully Ray entered the ring and taunted the fallen Haskins and Williams. He admitted that he was responsible for the attack on Tenille Dashwood and said he is going to eliminate every member of LifeBlood. He said he’d like to do it to Juice Robinson, but Robinson’s in Japan “doing jobs.” Bully gave a shout-out to David Finlay to get well soon so that he could beat him just like he used to beat Finlay’s father. Bully then turned his attention to Haskins, saying, “Tell your wife I said hello.”

When Haskins and Williams got back to their feet, Bully told them to leave the ring or else he’d beat them with his steel chain. They called his bluff, and Bully exited the ring.

Kelly Klein issues an open challenge

WOH World Champion Kelly Klein said she wants to defend her title against the best Toronto has to offer. The Allure (Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Mandy Leon) came down to the ring. Love hopped up on the apron while Sky and Leon remained on the floor.

Love said that she is from Toronto and it would be amazing for Klein and the fans if Klein defended the title against her tonight. Love said that she no longer lives in Canada and is now a permanent resident of the U.S., however, so she is not going to let Klein defend the title tonight. Love said she will let Klein defend it against her when they are back in the U.S.

As Love started to leave, Klein grabbed her by the hair and flipped her into the ring. Love rolled out of the ring, and she, Sky and Leon retreated. Klein said they were “nothing but a bunch of bitches.”

Satoshi Kojima vs. Jay Lethal

Kojima brutalized Lethal with hard chops throughout the match, while Lethal focused his attack on Kojima’s knee. Lethal went for Lethal Injection, but Kojima nailed him with a lariat in the back of the head. The legendary Japanese star hit a Brainbuster for a near fall. After Lethal ducked a lariat, he caught Kojima with Lethal Injection for the victory. The crowd applauded both competitors after the match.

Four Corner Survival Match for ROH World Television Title: Champion Jeff Cobb vs. Shane Taylor vs. Brody King vs. Hirooki Goto

The title was not on the line when this match was originally booked, but Taylor petitioned the ROH Board of Directors to make it a title match, and his request was granted. Goto hit the Ushigoroshi on Taylor, who rolled to the floor. King then took out Goto with a huge clothesline. Cobb hit a German suplex on King, but King popped right up. Cobb came back with his Tour of the Islands finisher on King, but before Cobb could make the cover, Taylor slipped in the ring and nailed him in the back of the head with his knee. Taylor then scooped up King and hit Greetings From 216 to win the match and the title, ending Cobb’s reign at 222 days.

Cobb still has yet to be pinned or forced to submit since making his ROH debut in September.

ROH World Title Match: Champion Matt Taven vs. PCO (w/Destro)

PCO’s “creator” Destro electrocuted him before the match to bring him to life. PCO then broke a wrench in half before making his way to the ring. Early in the match, PCO “short-circuited” and did a suicide dive on the opposite side of the ring from where Taven was. Unphased by the hard landing on the floor after coming up empty, PCO immediately connected on a cannonball through the ropes.

After The Kingdom’s TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia came down to the ring to distract the referee, Taven slammed PCO face-first onto Marseglia’s ax, opening up a huge gash near PCO’s one good eye. The sadistic Taven then stuck his finger in PCO’s eye and raked the eye across the top rope and the laces of his boot.

Taven hit three DDTs, but PCO popped up and landed a tombstone piledriver for a near fall and then a senton off the top rope onto Taven on the apron. Taven answered with Climax on a chair and a frog splash for a near fall. PCO hit a moonsault and made the cover, but O’Ryan placed Taven’s foot on the bottom rope.

PCO saved Destro from being attacked by Marseglia on the floor, and then powerbombed Marseglia through the ringside table. While all of that was going on, O’Ryan passed a spike to Taven. Taven drove the spike into PCO’s eye and covered him, and the referee turned around and made the three count. PCO kicked out a millisecond too late.

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