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February 29th, 2020
Bell Time: 7:00 PM Central
2002 Arena Pkwy
St. Charles , Missouri

ST. CHARLES, Mo. -- RUSH regained the ROH World Title from PCO in a Triple Threat Match that also involved Mark Haskins at Gateway To Honor Saturday night at The Family Arena.

The shocking result was not without controversy, as NWA World Champion Nick Aldis blasted PCO in the head with the “10 pounds of gold” while the referee was distracted. That provided an opening for RUSH, who went on to hit Bull’s Horns on PCO for the victory.

The main event for 18th Anniversary on March 13 in Las Vegas is now set, as RUSH will defend his newly won title against Haskins.

PCO, whose title reign ended at 78 days, will get his opportunity for revenge against Aldis when they meet at Supercard of Honor on April 4 in Lakeland, Fla.

RUSH became the fifth man to regain the ROH World Title, joining Austin Aries, Jay Briscoe, Adam Cole and Jay Lethal. He won the championship the first time this past September from Matt Taven and held it for 77 days before losing it to PCO at Final Battle on Dec. 13.

With RUSH the ROH World Champion and his brother, Dragon Lee, the ROH World Television Champion, La Faccion Ingobernable is now the undisputed top faction in ROH.

Here are the complete results from Gateway To Honor:

Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, Flip Gordon and Brody King) defeated Jay and Mark Briscoe and Slex

Jay Briscoe was setting up for a Jay Driller on Gordon, but Slex tagged himself in, which ultimately proved to be a mistake. Slex hit the Business Bomb on Gordon for a near fall, but Gordon came back with the Flip-5 on Slex for the win.

After the match, Shane Taylor and the Soldiers of Savagery (Moses and Kaun) entered the ring to attack Slex for the second night in a row and third time in three weeks, but Slex was ready for it. He took down Taylor and quickly made his escape from the three-on-one situation.

Dan Maff defeated Alex Shelley

It was the sheer power of Maff against the technical brilliance of Shelley in this first-time matchup of ROH veterans. Shelley hit a standing Sliced Bread for a near fall. He tried to follow up with a springboard move, but Maff caught him and hit a Burning Hammer for the victory.

The Righteous (Vincent and Bateman w/Chuckles and Vita Von Starr) defeated 2 Guys 1 Tag (Silas Young and Josh Woods)

Vincent and Bateman ambushed Young and Woods during their entrance. Bateman DDT’d Woods on the stage while Woods clipped Young’s knee, which was injured the night before at Bound By Honor. With Woods down, Young had to fight alone on one leg. He battled valiantly, managing to survive until Woods was able to recover and join the match.

Just as 2G1T seized the momentum, Brian Johnson came out on the stage with a microphone. He taunted Young and Woods for losing to ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham at Bound By Honor and said he and PJ Black won’t blow it when they get their title shot. While Woods was preoccupied with Johnson, Vincent hit the Acid Drop on Young for the win.

The Allure’s Angelina Love (w/Mandy Leon) defeated Session Moth Martina

Martina hit a springboard Codebreaker and went for a cover, but Leon jumped on the apron and distracted the referee, who responded by ejecting her from ringside. Martina used a headbutt and suplex to gain a near fall. She took a drink of her beer and charged at Love, but Love ducked and connected on Botox Injection for the win.

After the match, The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas) entered the ring with their beer-filled cooler. Milonas, who clearly fancies Martina, handed her a beer, and she immediately regained her strength. However, she thought it was Bruiser who gave her the beverage, and she jumped in his arms. All she had for Milonas was a handshake.

Dalton Castle (w/Joe Hendry) defeated Tracy Williams, Kenny King (w/Amy Rose) and Jeff Cobb in a Four-Way Match

After the action spilled to the floor, Castle hit a hurricanrana on Cobb from the apron that sent Cobb crashing into King as they both went over the ringside table. Back inside the ring, Castle hit Bang-a-Rang on Williams to pick up the victory.

Bully Ray issued an open challenge

Bully Ray said that if anyone can beat him he will leave ROH forever. Caprice Coleman, who had a confrontation with Bully the night before at Bound By Honor, left the commentary area and accepted the challenge.

Bully Ray defeated Caprice Coleman

Coleman was all over Bully as soon as the bell rang, but Bully survived the onslaught and hit a Bubba Bomb for the win. 

After the match, Bully nailed Coleman with a chair. Cheeseburger came out for the save, but Bully quickly disposed of him. Eli Isom hit the ring and speared Bully. Isom then delivered two chair shots to Bully’s back. Isom set up a table in the ring, but Bully hit him low and then powerbombed him through the table.

ROH World Television Title Match: Champion Dragon Lee defeated Dak Draper

Draper earned the title shot by winning the 2019 Top Prospect Tournament. The 6-foot-5, 250-pound Draper used his size advantage to overpower the 5-7, 165-pound champion in the early going. Lee proved resilient, however, and went on to score the victory after connecting with an Incineration knee strike to the back of Draper’s head.

Proving Ground Match: ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham defeated ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Title co-holders Bandido and Rey Horus

Just as Lethal and Gresham did the night before when they faced Silas Young and Josh Woods, they attacked Bandido and Horus before the opening bell. The champions targeted Bandido’s left knee throughout the match. Bandido rallied and hit a Shooting Star Press on Lethal, but he came down hard on his own knee and was unable to make the cover immediately. The momentary hesitation resulted in a near fall instead of a win. Lethal eventually applied the figure-four leglock to Bandido, who tapped out.

Had Bandido and Horus won the match or taken the champions to a time-limit draw, they would’ve earned a future title shot.

ROH World Title Triple Threat Match: RUSH defeated champion PCO and Mark Haskins to win the title

PCO hit a moonsault on Haskins, but RUSH pulled the referee out of the ring before he could count the pin. While the referee was preoccupied with RUSH, NWA World Champion Nick Aldis ran into the ring and hit PCO in the head with his title belt. The opportunistic RUSH landed a big punch to PCO and then followed with Bull’s Horns for the shocking win.

After the match, La Faccion Ingobernable members Dragon Lee, Kenny King and Amy Rose entered the ring to celebrate with RUSH. Haskins showed no fear, as he got right in RUSH’s face, but he was jumped by RUSH, Lee and King and tossed out of the ring.

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