12/13/19 - Final Battle - Baltimore, MD

BALTIMORE -- PCO says he isn’t human. At Final Battle, he became immortal.

On Friday the 13th, it was the monster’s day, as he mashed his way to the ROH World Championship by defeating the previously unbeaten RUSH in a wild anything-goes match in the main event of ROH’s biggest show of the year at UMBC Event Center.

While the story of PCO being resurrected by his creator Destro may be fantastic, Pierre Carl Ouellet’s long and arduous journey to the world championship is every bit as extraordinary.

At 51, PCO became the oldest ROH World Champion in history, finally reaching the pinnacle in a 32-year career in which he has experienced more than his share of adversity.

PCO absorbed a tremendous amount of punishment in the match from a ruthless RUSH before ultimately putting him through a table with a moonsault to score the victory and capture the title.

RUSH, who had not been pinned or forced to submit since making his ROH debut nearly one year ago to the day, saw his title reign end at 77 days. PCO’s win marked the first time the ROH World Title has changed hands in Baltimore.

In the two other title matches at Final Battle:

Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham defeated Jay and Mark Briscoe to win the ROH World Tag Team Titles. It’s the first tag team title reign for Lethal, the most decorated singles competitor in ROH history, and the first gold of any type for Gresham. The Briscoes’ record 11th tag team title reign ended at 146 days.

Dragon Lee, RUSH’s younger brother, defeated Shane Taylor for the ROH World Television Title. It’s Lee’s first championship in ROH. Taylor’s reign ended at 218 days, the sixth-longest TV Title reign in ROH history. 

Here are the complete results from the action-packed, four-hour extravaganza (watch the replay now):

2G1T (Silas Young and Josh Woods) defeated Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry

In a matchup of odd couple teams, Young and Woods -- who have named their team 2 Guys, 1Tag -- prevailed when Woods pinned Castle after Young had catapulted Castle into Woods’ flying knees.

Kenny King (w/Amy Rose) defeated Rhett Titus

King came out to the old All Night Express music and did the ANX handshake with Rose in an effort to mock his former friend and tag partner Titus. With Titus’ wife and young son sitting ringside, he took the fight to King and scored several near falls. After a distraction from Rose, King kicked Titus low behind the referee’s back and hit Royal Flush for the win.

Jeff Cobb defeated Dan Maff

This was a battle between two bulls that was every bit as hard-hitting as one would expect. At times during the match, the veteran Maff physically dominated the former ROH World Television Champion. Cobb rallied and hit two impressive Tour of the Islands on the massive Maff for the victory.

After the match, Cobb and Maff shook hands and chopped each other in a display of mutual respect between two alpha males.

Bandido and Flamita defeated Villain Enterprises’ Marty Scurll and Flip Gordon

The athleticism and innovation in this incredibly fast-paced match was off the charts. After countless high risk and high-flying moves, Flamita hit a 619 on Gordon a second before Bandido executed a 21 Plex on both opponents. Bandido covered Scurll for the three count.

Vincent defeated Matt Taven

Taven was out for revenge against his former best friend, and he went on the offensive right from the start. Vincent, however, proved to be remarkably resilient. Taven hit Climax, but Vincent got his foot on the rope. Taven hit his finisher again, and Vincent kicked out just in time. Taven brought Vincent’s axe into the ring, but Vincent caught him with Sliced Bread to score the upset.

After the match, newcomer Bateman ambushed Taven and planted him with a tombstone piledriver. Vincent then brought in a wooden block, placed it between Taven’s feet and smashed Taven’s right ankle with a chair.

Street Fight: Mark Haskins (w/Vicky Haskins) defeated Bully Ray

As Haskins made his entrance, Bully attacked him from behind with a large board wrapped in barbed wire. Then, in a sickeningly display, Bully rammed the board into Vicky, who was helped to the back. Bully proceeded to punish Haskins with a variety of weapons, but Haskins kept fighting. Vicky eventually came back down to the ring, and she grabbed a grater and used it on Bully’s groin. Haskins and Vicky then flipped Bully off the middle rope and through a table. Haskins followed with a double stomp for the win.

Alex Shelley defeated Colt Cabana

This match was set up after the opening contest, when Shelley came out and challenged Cabana, who was doing color commentary. This was the first-ever singles match between the two accomplished veterans. After a flurry of holds and counters, Shelley maneuvered Cabana into a pinning position and scored the three count.

Maria Manic defeated The Allure’s Angelina Love (w/Mandy Leon)

In Manic’s much-anticipated first match in Women of Honor, she dominated the former seven-time champion to a shocking degree. Manic maneater-handled Love, tossing her around both in and out of the ring. She also destroyed Leon when she tried to interfere on Love’s behalf. After just more than six minutes of action, Manic made Love submit to a Torture Rack.

ROH World Television Title Match: Dragon Lee defeated champion Shane Taylor (w/Ron Hunt and Soldiers of Savagery) to win the title

Taylor has been a dominant champion since winning the title in May, but Lee would not be denied on this night. Lee kicked out of Taylor’s Welcome to the Land /Greetings from 216 finisher. After Lee got his hands on a chain that Hunt had given to Taylor to use, he wrapped it around his knee and delivered a knee strike to Taylor’s head. Lee later thwarted interference from Hunt, lowered his knee pad and nailed Taylor with another running knee strike for the victory.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham defeated champions Jay and Mark Briscoe to win the title

It appeared the Briscoes were going to retain the title after Jay Briscoe hit the Jay Driller on Lethal, but Gresham pulled the referee out of the ring before he could complete the three count. The Briscoes prepared to hit Doomsday Device on Lethal, but Gresham pushed Mark Briscoe off the top rope, and Lethal rolled up Jay Briscoe and grabbed a handful of tights to steal the win.

ROH World Title Match (No Disqualification): PCO (w/Destro) defeated champion RUSH to win the title

RUSH, perhaps sensing how much his title was in jeopardy against the monster, was even more vicious and relentless than usual. During the match, RUSH used a chair, ladder, camera chord and table to punish PCO. At one point, RUSH threw PCO off the stage onto some guardrails. PCO appeared to be down and out, but Destro used jumper cables from his hearse, which was parked near the stage, to recharge PCO. After taking all the punishment RUSH dished out, PCO eventually hit a moonsault that put RUSH through a table. Three seconds later, there was a new ROH World Champion.

Final Battle 2019