11/2/19 - The Experience - Pittsburgh, PA

PITTSBURGH -- Vincent literally took an axe to his long friendship with Matt Taven and left the former ROH World Champion lying in a pool of his own blood.

In one of the most shocking and disturbing scenes in ROH history, Vincent ambushed Taven and sliced open his forehead with an axe during The Experience Saturday night at Stage AE.

In the moments preceding the attack, Taven found fellow Kingdom members Vincent and TK O’Ryan laid out backstage. It was the second time in the past five weeks that Vincent and O’Ryan had been sneak-attacked.

Taven stormed to the ring and demanded the unknown assailant or assailants reveal themselves. Suddenly, the lights went out and a spotlight blinded Taven.

Vincent then appeared behind Taven and chop-blocked him. “The Horror King” proceeded to nail Taven in the side of the head with his axe before raking the bit end of the weapon across Taven’s forehead.

In perhaps the twisted Vincent’s most disgusting display yet, he actually tasted Taven’s blood and drew a “V” on his own forehead with the blood.

It appears the attacks on Vincent and O’Ryan were all a ruse, but questions remain. Was O’Ryan a victim? Or is he a co-conspirator? If O’Ryan is innocent, did Vincent act alone? Why did he do it?


Vincent’s heinous actions marred an otherwise entertaining night of action. All of the matches and stipulations were determined by online fan voting.

Here are complete results:

Maneater strikes!

Maria Manic interrupted the opening of the show by destroying two members of the ring crew and ring announcer Nick Lendl. Manic, whose future in pro wrestling has been the subject of speculation as of late, grabbed a microphone and spoke for the first time since showing up in ROH several months ago.

“I’m Maria Manic! And I’m with Ring of Honor! This is my house now!”

Dragon Lee defeated Jeff Cobb

Cobb was chosen as Lee’s opponent by receiving 41 percent of the vote, beating out PJ Black (31 pct.), Kenny King (15 pct.) and Eli Isom (12 pct).

Lee scored what some consider an upset by turning a Tour of the Islands attempt into a crucifix pin.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Champions Jay and Mark Briscoe defeated Master and Machine (Marcus Cross and Griff Garrison)

In what was easily the most shocking voting result of the night, Master and Machine won with 57 percent, beating out Silas Young and Josh Woods (22 pct.), Soldiers of Savagery (15 pct.) and the Tate Twins (6 pct).

Despite being massive underdogs, Cross and Griffin put up a spirited fight and even scored some near falls on the 11-time ROH World Tag Team Champions. Ultimately, the Briscoes prevailed after Jay Briscoe hit Jay Driller on Garrison, and Mark Briscoe followed with Froggy Bow.

Four-way Match: PJ Black defeated Eli Isom, Ultimo Guerrero and Kenny King (w/Amy Rose)

This bout featured CMLL legend Guerrero and the three wrestlers who didn’t win the vote to face Dragon Lee.

Black scored the victory after hitting Isom with a moonsault/low dropkick combination. At one point during the match, King wowed the crowd by doing a running dive off the stage over several rows of fans onto his three opponents.

ROH World Champion RUSH and ROH World Television Champion Shane Taylor defeated Matt Taven and Dalton Castle

Taylor replaced Lethal in this match as a result of Lethal suffering a broken arm during the Honor United UK tour last weekend. RUSH and Lethal versus Taven and Castle got 55 percent of the vote, while RUSH and Castle versus Taven and Lethal got 45 percent.

Taylor picked up the win for his team by hitting Greetings From 216 on Castle. The two champions had a brief staredown after the match.

Two-out-of-Three Falls Match: Jonathan Gresham defeated Mark Haskins, 2 falls to 1

Two out of three falls (44 percent) was chosen as the stipulation over Pure Rules (30 percent) and European Rounds (26 percent).

A double pin resulted in the referee awarding a fall apiece to Gresham and Haskins. Gresham won the deciding fall by countout to score a controversial victory.

Gresham had Haskins in a figure-four leglock, but Haskins made it to the ropes. The referee did not call for a break for some reason, and Gresham and Haskins spilled to the floor with Gresham still maintaining the hold. Gresham eventually released the hold, slammed Haskins’ leg into the barricade, and beat the 20 count while Haskins writhed in pain on the floor.

Last Man Standing Match: Flip Gordon defeated Tracy Williams

Last Man Standing (44 percent) was chosen over a Strap Match (30 pct.) and Singapore Cane Match (26 pct).

The bitter rivals battled back and forth in a brutal encounter featuring the use of chairs, tables and kendo sticks. Williams was setting up to superplex Gordon through a table, but Tyler Bateman hit the ring and powerbombed Williams through the table. Williams was unable to make it to his feet before the referee counted to 10.

This is the second time Bateman has attacked Williams; he also did so at Death Before Dishonor Fallout on Sept. 28 after Williams had defeated Gordon. It remains unanswered why Bateman is targeting Williams and whether he is affiliated with Gordon and Villain Enterprises.

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Title Match: Champions Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO and Dan Maff) defeated Jeff Cobb, Colt Cabana and Cheeseburger

Cobb, Cabana and Cheeseburger were the leading vote-getters from a list of potential challengers. Maff, a two-time former ROH World Tag Team Champion making his first appearance in ROH in 14 years, was selected by ROH officials as a one-night-only replacement for Brody King, who is sidelined after suffering a knee injury on the Honor United UK tour.

PCO and Maff, who will face each other at ROH Unauthorized tonight in Columbus, Ohio (streaming live for HonorClub), were able to co-exist well enough for Villain Enterprises to get the victory.

Maff blind-tagged himself in right before PCO hit a moonsault on Cheeseburger. PCO went for a cover, but Maff shoved him aside and hit a Burning Hammer on Cheeseburger for the win.

PCO and Maff glared at each other after the match and had to be separated.