ROH Dojo

The ROH Dojo has opened its doors for its next classes of students!
At the ROH Dojo, you will receive hands on training from dedicated head trainer DELIRIOUS plus accomplished assistants WILL FERRARA and CHEESEBURGER. The ROH Dojo also allows access to great connections and opportunities to interact with many different professional wrestling veterans.
We will engage in several varied cardiovascular drills throughout our training sessions. Preparation is imperative – the ROH Dojo is an intense environment that requires our students to be in excellent physical condition. We push everyone to the limit with no exception. Nothing is impossible with a strong desire to succeed coupled with proper physical and mental strength. We will encourage you to be your best at all times!
Progress and moving forward in wrestling takes consistency and hard work over a long period of time. It is hard to understand the demands and sacrifices required to be involved with professional wrestling, physical and mental. With any success comes greater sacrifice.
Once you have graduated you are allowed and encouraged to come to training sessions at no extra charge. Some schools train you a certain amount of time then you are on your own. Here you can always come back to train, work, and meet wrestlers.
As a member of the ROH DOJO you are encouraged to attend Ring of Honor LIVE Events to help out with the show preparation and learn how all aspects of the industry operates. There is much more to pro wrestling then just the in-ring bouts!
The Ring Of Honor Dojo Full Package Training is an all encompassing pro wrestling program specific to individuals of all shapes and sizes with NO experience or for those looking to retrain from scratch.
Some of the things your training will cover include:
-Emphasis on the fundamentals
-Conditioning and weight training
-Ring psychology
-Development of timing and positioning
-Continuous evaluation
-Advice on character development
-Assistance with promos
ROH DOJO Full Package Training
Start Date: 10/24/17 (Last Day of Curriculum - 4/24/17)
Start Date: February 2018 (Date TBA)
Monday - Beginner Class - 6pm-9pm
Tuesday - Beginner Class - 6pm - 9pm
Wednesday - Advanced Class - 6pm-9pm
Thursday - Advanced Class - 6pm - 9pm
Located in Bristol, PA (close to both I-95 and the PA turnpike), only 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia, the school has been in operation since 2004, and is a facility that includes a full size 18 foot ring, weight lifting equipment, as well as an extensive video library, and other numerous resources at your disposal.
Please be aware there are NO GUARANTEES! Some students may advance more rapidly than others, some will advance more slowly – we will not attempt to convince anyone they will become a superstar. We cannot and will not guarantee you success. All we can guarantee that you will receive a minimum of 8 training classes a month.
ROH is a business and has high standards both in and out of the ring. We expect all students to fulfill these high standards both while at training or while involved in any wrestling related task or activity.
Price includes a systematic beginner, intermediate and advanced curriculum that is conducted in approximately a 6 month period.
Students will learn and advance at their own pace without feeling neglected or overwhelmed. The 6 month curriculum is only an approximate estimate.
Once you have completed the 6 month curriculum you are allowed and encouraged to come to training sessions at no extra charge. Some schools train you a certain amount of time then you are on your own. Here you can always come back to train, work, and meet wrestlers at no extra charge. Essentially a Lifetime Membership!
$4000 Total (Lifetime)
$3500 Total if paid in Full (Lifetime)
$1500 down payment on the first day of class
$500 per month
For example,
Registration: $1500
Sept. 1: $500
Oct. 1: $500
Nov. 1st: $500
Dec. 1st: $500
Jan. 1st: $500
If you miss a monthly payment you will not be allowed to train until payment is received.
Paperwork required:
- Liability Waiver
- Health History
- (No Contracts)
We do not provide any type of loan, jobs, or housing.
No refunds will be given to students who voluntarily withdraw from the class in which they have enrolled.
Refunds will be given automatically if Ring Of Honor cancels class.
When paying in full the individual shows intention to carry out the course for the complete period of time. Ring Of Honor offers a $500 discount to anybody willing to make the commitment of paying in full. NO REFUNDS.
If you have paid in full and decide to take time off you are welcome back to the Ring Of Honor Academy at any time and at NO EXTRA COSTS.
For more information, please contact