What Now?

By Joe Hendry

So it’s now been a few weeks since most of us have been in our homes. For some, the novelty of more downtime will be wearing off, but it’s my hope that you all got some much needed rest, recuperation and perhaps even reconnection with old friends and relatives you haven't spoken to in a while via social media.

Looking On The Bright Side: Enjoying The Sun, Bonding With Son

By Angelina Love

Hey all! Crazy to think it’s already April, eh? March was a long year!

I wonder how everyone is doing with their quarantining and social distancing. Are you having fun or are you going crazy? I’d say we’ve been handling it very well. It’s not too different from our regular days. My son, David, obviously hasn’t been attending his preschool classes and I don’t take him to any indoor places to play anymore, but thankfully spring has sprung so we’re getting outside a lot more, which I LOVE. Being outside in the sun and enjoying nature does wonders for my soul, and my son loves being outdoors, too. He really wants to go swimming, but that’ll happen … soon? Hopefully?

How I Broke Into Pro Wrestling

By Kenny King

Long before I was Ingobernable, before I beat Jay Lethal best 2-out-of-3 or carried Rhett Titus to a championship, I was just a fan. I’ve been watching wrestling for as long as I can remember. From my first wrestling VHS in 1986 all the way to skipping a live fire drill in college to stay in my dorm to watch Bradshaw and Farooq. Back then, watching wrestling was easy, but nobody I knew had any idea of how to be a wrestler. 

That all changed one night when I turned on the TV and saw a new reality show that took 13 athletes -- eight men, five women -- and trained them to be pro wrestlers. All competing for just two open spots. I remember my eyes being glued to the screen. My emotions split between “these guys aren't even athletes, I can do that,” and jealousy that they even had the opportunity to try.  

The Era Of Honor Begins

By Rhett Titus

February 23, 2002 … a date that forever changed my life. I had always wanted to be a professional wrestler, but if I wasn’t in attendance for “Era of Honor Begins” I might not be here writing this blog right now. Allow me to elaborate.

Send beer, beer, beer ... more beer!

By Brawler Milonas

Last time, we talked about all the extra things we might be able to do with the time we suddenly have on our hands. Of course, one thing that changes that dynamic dramatically is if you have children. Especially those of us who have young children. I’m the proud father (most of the time … we’ll talk about that in a minute) of two beautiful, smart and healthy children.

Reinvention Is The Word Of The Day

By Cheeseburger

Hey all you cool burgers and fries, it's Cheeseburger with Ring of Honor Wrestling.

I believe it is now Day 25 of the quarantine, or at least what feels like Day 25. Time and dates are beginning to become lost on me. The weekly/monthly routine I became accustomed to has become completely non-existent. My weekdays of training my students at the Worldwide Dojo and weekends of traveling/wrestling are finished! So the question is … where do we go from here? Which brings me to today's word of the day: REINVENTION.

Thoughts From The Prestigious Man Cave

By Joe Hendry

Like many places in the world, the U.K. is in lockdown. This means other than going out for necessities and walking the dog, I’ll be spending the next while indoors.

First priority, of course, was building the most prestigious man cave in all of professional wrestling. As well as performing with Ring Of Honor, I also operate a pro wrestling school in Scotland and I’ve now moved pretty much everything except the ring itself into this cave.