Big Dawg Blog

By Rhett Titus

I can hear them saying it now, “Did they really give Rhett Titus a blog!?” Yes, yes they did. When Ring of Honor approached me about potentially writing a blog for I jumped at the opportunity. With everything going on in the world these days, I want to help people out. I want to help people forget about the financial hardships they may be facing, forget about politics, and while being aware of the harm it is causing, forget about the COVID-19 virus for a few minutes out of their day. Plus, I have a story to tell.

Silver Linings

By Brawler Milonas

Everyone is trying to find their silver lining through what is undoubtedly the toughest situation we’ve all faced in our lifetime. Extra time with family, getting those home improvement projects done, reading more, catching up on your favorite shows. Whatever it is, find your silver lining! For me (and probably for many ROH stars) the silver lining is an opportunity to let your body heal. It’s well documented that there’s not much of an offseason in wrestling, and while ROH has the most favorable schedule amongst any major U.S. promotions, I do still work an aggressive schedule on the independents. 

What Has The Beer City Bruiser Been Doing?

By Beer City Bruiser

A lot of people have asked what I’ve been doing. Well with there being no shows, bars closed along with my gym, I’ve been home. I’ve been drinking beer, playing video games, home workouts and watching old wrestling. I’ve also been doing a daily quarantine vlog. It has T-Shirt of the day, beer of the day, road stories, comics, behind the scenes, it has it all!

ROHWrestling.Com Launches Blog Authored By ROH Talent

As part of Ring of Honor’s ongoing commitment to provide our fans with daily content during this difficult time, we’ve launched HonorPost, a blog authored exclusively by ROH talent.

HonorPost provides a forum for ROH competitors to communicate directly with the members of Honor Nation about a wide variety of topics. After all, we’re all in this together!