What Has The Beer City Bruiser Been Doing?

By Beer City Bruiser

A lot of people have asked what I’ve been doing. Well with there being no shows, bars closed along with my gym, I’ve been home. I’ve been drinking beer, playing video games, home workouts and watching old wrestling. I’ve also been doing a daily quarantine vlog. It has T-Shirt of the day, beer of the day, road stories, comics, behind the scenes, it has it all!

When Ring Of Honor asked for contributors to blog, I jumped on it! I love talking with you, the fans! I miss performing for you, I miss my brother in beer and bruises, Brian Milonas.  This will not stop ROH or The Bouncers. No, it will make us better! The best wrestling on the planet will be back. And with Session Moth Martina with us, The Bouncers will be better than ever!