We’re All In This Together

By Beer City Bruiser 

Everyone asks how I’m holding up during this time. I feel we are all asked that. To be honest, I’m not OK ALL the time. The majority of the time I’m great. But I have days that anxiety kicks in, along with depression and worry. And that’s OK.

You see, my outlet has always been wrestling or the gym. Performing for you is very therapeutic for me. Working out is very therapeutic. Both have been taken away. So I have days when quarantine just gets me down. But you know what? That’s OK.

 When I’m down, I just have to work harder. This isn’t the end. The world will be back, wrestling will be back, the gym will be back, I will be back. I rely more on social media to reach out to you, the fans, to let you know I’m still here. We all have to realize that we are not alone. People are there for us.

It’s OK to be down sometimes. It makes returning that much better! So to sum it up, I’m here for you and I know you’re here for me! Cheers!