The Thrill of the Hunt

By Brawler Milonas

Since a young age I’ve always been a fan of collecting. It’s such a fun hobby and its limits are only bound by your imagination. You can literally collect anything. Over the years, the items I’ve collected have varied and changed quite a bit. Some are driven by changing interests, some by changing amounts of disposable income. For me it’s always the thrill of the hunt that gets me. Tracking down those hard to find items or trying to assemble a full collection.

As a kid my focus was sports cards, baseball and basketball specifically. Trying to amass complete sets was such a challenge. I remember spending every dollar I could scrounge up to head to the corner store and buy baseball or basketball cards. Always pulling packs from the bottom back corners, because as everyone knows that’s where the best cards are. One specific set I remember really hunting hard was Skybox’s 1990 basketball set. A friend and I spent hours upon hours trading and trying our hardest and yet we still failed.

Another way to collect is vicariously through your children (or nieces and nephews). Currently my son has one hell of a wrestling figure collection and I love nothing more than going online or going into stores hunting down whoever he doesn’t have. I even have a list on my phone! When my nephew was younger, I remember hunting down all the toys from the “Cars” movie. I was even meeting strange people in parking lots to do exchanges, cash only please! 

Again, the beautiful thing about collecting is you can customize to fit you. What do you love? How much do you want to spend? Is it a side hobby or something you’ll obsess over? My ultimate collecting dream is to assemble a complete set of the 1980s LJN wrestling figures. These are the toys of my childhood! That’s more of a long-range goal, though. For now, I’m set on just collecting guys I’ve had the pleasure of being in the ring with and guys who are my friends. What are your collecting dreams? Tweet them at me (@brianmilonas) and let’s talk! Happy hunting!