Thoughts From The Prestigious Man Cave

By Joe Hendry

Like many places in the world, the U.K. is in lockdown. This means other than going out for necessities and walking the dog, I’ll be spending the next while indoors.

First priority, of course, was building the most prestigious man cave in all of professional wrestling. As well as performing with Ring Of Honor, I also operate a pro wrestling school in Scotland and I’ve now moved pretty much everything except the ring itself into this cave. 

There’s a bench, squat rack, 200kg of weights, 40kg adjustable dumbbells and a variety of barbells, including my hex bar, EZ curl bar and the classic Olympic barbell. I’ve got everything I need, and trust me, transporting all of this in my car and dragging it up the stairs has burned so many calories I probably won’t even need them for the next few months anyway! If I have to transport them back down the stairs anytime soon, I’ll be pitching a new cruiserweight division to the office!

Joking aside, knowing your purpose in life is a great gift and it means every morning when you wake up you know what needs to be done. However, if you’re particularly driven, chances are you don’t spend much time relaxing. So imagine a situation where you’re actually helping to save lives and keep each other safe by staying at home, enjoying a movie, and playing video games? 

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

The message here is that many of you out there work hard to provide and this may be the perfect opportunity to enjoy some much needed rest. So enjoy it!

With that in mind, I’ll be checking out some prestigious new TV shows, books, movies, video games, hobbies, and just about anything and everything that will occupy my mind over the next while.

For those of you out there still working to make sure that your communities have the resources they need, you have our respect. And one thing I love about working for Ring Of Honor is that we get to visit hospitals everywhere and see the great work that healthcare professionals do to look after those who need help and support. It’s times like these that we get to take a second and realize how many real heroes we have around us.

So make the most of your down time, be creative, have fun and show your respect to the heroes in your community.

Now stay indoors, call your families, spend time with your pets, put your feet up and enjoy some Honor Club!

Until next time ...