Stronger Bonds

By Amy Rose

If you would’ve told me back in March that the world would shut down I wouldn’t have believed it. It’s now been almost three months since COVID-19 changed things completely.

It’s been so long since I’ve seen my friends, family, co-workers and fans. I miss performing. I miss training at the ROH dojo. I miss the Honor Nation.

However, I understand the severity of this pandemic and the safety of our staff and fans is of the utmost importance.

So I’ve actually made a conscious effort to stay more connected with the people I love.

Real life can get busy, and I knew I wasn’t making the proper time for my loved ones sometimes. Being in quarantine allowed me to analyze what was truly important to me.

It opened my eyes, and I’ve been keeping in touch with my family and best friends more than ever. Almost all of them are out of state, but I speak with my loved ones every day now. Things like Zoom and FaceTime help us stay connected. This unfortunate event was a blessing in disguise because it’s made my bonds so much stronger. 

I miss everyone in the Honor Nation and I pray this ends sooner than later. I look forward to the day when I can return to the Honor Nation. I know I’ll be stronger than ever.