So Much to Binge Watch, So Much Time

By Brawler Milonas

What are you watching? I think I’ve seen that post on social media and been texted that more times than I can count at this point. I know the stock market isn’t doing great, but now may be the time to heavily invest in streaming services because their servers are getting a workout for sure! It’s a great distraction from all the serious stuff going on in the world. So today, I’m going to share with you some of the things I enjoy and maybe you will too!

There are the obvious things that everyone has seen or talked about. Stranger Things (love it), Ozark (on my list next) and Tiger King (no interest). There are the oldies but goodies like Seinfeld, The Office and Cheers, and let’s face it we could all use a good laugh. Here are five more of my favorites that you need to check out!

  1. Curb Your Enthusiasm

  2. The Shield

  3. Law & Order (the original series, not the spin-offs)

  4. Arrow

  5. He-Man: & The Masters of the Universe (for the kids, of course!)

For movies, it’s an easy definition for me. What are the movies that if you flip past them on TV, you’ll stop and watch every time? We all have them, movies we’ve seen 100 times but just can’t help ourselves from going back to them. As a side note, if you’ve never seen the Star Wars saga or the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, this is the time! Do yourself a favor, though, watch both in cinematic release order! Now, onto my movies you absolutely need to watch!

  1. Major League 

  2. Dumb & Dumber

  3. That Thing You Do

  4. The Dark Knight

  5. Beyond the Mat

Of course, I’ve saved the best for last. What could be better than getting yourself a six-pack, curling up on the couch, opening Honor Club and binge watching your favorite drinking buddies, The Bouncers? So, without further ado here are the top five Bouncers matches you need to watch!

  1. Bar Room Brawl vs. Silas Young & Vincent, Death Before Dishonor 2019 PPV, 9/27/19

  2. ROH World Tag Team Title Match vs. The Briscoes, Mass Hysteria, 7/21/19

  3. ROH World Six Man Title Match vs. The Elite (Cody & The Young Bucks) ROH TV episode 267, 9/30/18

  4. Vs. Los Ingobernables De Japón (Evil & Sanada) War of the Worlds, Grand Rapids, MI, 5/11/19

  5. w/ Jay Lethal vs. The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vincent), ROH TV episode 408, 7/13/19

Until next time, stay home, stay safe, stay healthy and drink beer.