Reinvention Is The Word Of The Day

By Cheeseburger

Hey all you cool burgers and fries, it's Cheeseburger with Ring of Honor Wrestling.

I believe it is now Day 25 of the quarantine, or at least what feels like Day 25. Time and dates are beginning to become lost on me. The weekly/monthly routine I became accustomed to has become completely non-existent. My weekdays of training my students at the Worldwide Dojo and weekends of traveling/wrestling are finished! So the question is … where do we go from here? Which brings me to today's word of the day: REINVENTION.

Yes! REINVENTION! REINVENTION for ourselves personally and professionally during all this. I've begun setting small personal goals for myself to try and accomplish during this time. I have no idea when this period of quarantine will end, but I hope to come out of it overall a better person. A very simple tool I’ve been using is the Notes app on my phone. Everyday I make sure to catalog what I did to be productive during the quarantine. Sometimes I manage to get a ton of errands done, work out, study matches, but some days all I have is a full day of cleaning the house/my school. I'm trying to finish each day a little better than before whether small or large. Hopefully this message helps someone out there struggling throughout this period.

I wanted to kick off my first blog with a small message of positivity! I have some interesting ideas and topics to cover for the next few entries which I hope you all like.