Looking On The Bright Side: Enjoying The Sun, Bonding With Son

By Angelina Love

Hey all! Crazy to think it’s already April, eh? March was a long year!

I wonder how everyone is doing with their quarantining and social distancing. Are you having fun or are you going crazy? I’d say we’ve been handling it very well. It’s not too different from our regular days. My son, David, obviously hasn’t been attending his preschool classes and I don’t take him to any indoor places to play anymore, but thankfully spring has sprung so we’re getting outside a lot more, which I LOVE. Being outside in the sun and enjoying nature does wonders for my soul, and my son loves being outdoors, too. He really wants to go swimming, but that’ll happen … soon? Hopefully?

We go for nice walks around the neighborhood and get to say “hi” to other happy people -- from afar. Everyone seems to still be generally happy, though! It’s probably due to the nicer weather and being able to get outside for fun time. It’s a great time to reconnect with family, nature and ourselves.

Of course, I’ve had to watch movies about infectious diseases (“Outbreak” and “Contagion,” LOL) and dipped my toes in the “Tiger King” pool -- WOW. What a trip that show is. Am I the only one that didn’t see it escalating as quickly as it did? I felt like they fit about three years’ worth of TV into just a few episodes and my brain hurt juuust a little bit after watching! Every new thing that happened I thought to myself: “That actually happened? That’s crazy! What is going on?”

We FaceTime with family every day, but it’s just bizarre that we can’t go visit any of them and they can’t come visit us either. My family is all in Canada and the borders are closed, so even if we wanted to travel to each other, we wouldn’t be able to. David and I also had a vacation planned that we had to cancel for the time being. It sucks, but obviously staying healthy and safe is numero uno. I do believe once this is all said and done that there will be light and positivity to come from it. It may be hard for some to feel that way right now, and that’s totally understandable. But I’ve always been the kind of person to believe that storms always pass and the sun shines again. We’re in this together and we WILL get through this!

My son turned 4 on St. Patrick’s Day, right before the social distancing and staying at home rules got more strict. His birthday party was at Chuck E. Cheese and we had a blast. Some kids from his class came, so I know they all were happy to be able to see each other and play together.

One of our cats, Trooper, had to have surgery a week ago. He’s recently been having an issue with recurring UTIs, which are extremely critical for male cats especially. So he had to have a very special surgery that got rid of all his boy bits so he has a wider space to be able to relieve himself now. So he currently has a not-so-fashionable plastic cone around his head, but honestly he’s doing OK with it. He bangs into everything, which is funny but also not funny. Anyone who has had to watch their animal navigate a cone on their head knows what I mean! LOL. But he’s doing great and we’re very happy about that.

I miss my ROH family! I still love traveling and being able to see the fans and the crew. ROH has such a fun crew. Truly blessed to be working with the coolest people both in the locker room and out. So until we can get back to our regularly scheduled lives, let’s just stay home a while longer, keep washing our hands, meditate, put some coconut oil in our hair, learn something new about ourselves, read, rest and check in on each other.

Love and light and we’ll see you soon!
A. Love