A Day In The Life Of A Quarantined Session Moth

By Session Moth Martina

Hi guys!!! It's Session Moth Martina here attempting to write my first blog! Sadly, as we know for the foreseeable future we are all stuck indoors and trying to make the most of it to pass the time quickly. What have I been up to? Drinking obviously!

But contrary to popular belief, that's not all I've been doing. I've been forced to find other ways to fill up my time until peak beer hours, and that includes finding new and fun things to do I may not have necessarily had the time to get into before. I'm choosing to look at this time as a blessing, as it’s forcing me to find a new routine that I only need myself for, which is quite liberating when you think about it.

I usually start my day with working out. We are professional wrestlers after all and I've got to stay as in shape as I can so all the boys and girls continue to #fanciesmartina.

If you want my personal tips, I've uploaded them to my Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. You'll find I have a very unique way of working out but it gets desired results!

After that, I’ve found myself diving into my artsy side. I took a pen to paper and discovered I have an amazing talent for art. I have started a series of Session Moth original art, creating scenarios in the sun with my fellow wrestlers. If you have any requests, hit me up on Twitter -- my talent deserves to be shared with the world!

I have also been attempting to learn guitar. I used to play as a teenager, but it seems I've forgotten absolutely everything I've learned and I'm awful at it. But fear not Session Moth fans, I highly believe I will be playing my own music at Ring of Honor by the time we are back on the road.

Usually to cap off my day I walk as many miles as it takes to retrieve beer, return home and end my night in my natural habitat. I consider this as part of my workout because you can't just call yourself a Session Moth, you have to earn it, and training never stops. I guarantee you I will be in the best drinking shape of my life by the end of this!

Thanks for reading. Now go get yourself a beer, relax, watch wrestling and wait for this to end, which it will, and everything will be much better on the other side of this!