Beer-Drinking Contest!

By Joe Hendry

Here at ROH we have an approach known as #ROHDayByDay. It means exactly that. Taking things day by day, looking after each other and doing our best for our fans, our colleagues, ourselves and our communities.

With that in mind, I’ve now fully accepted that like many others, my job at least for now is going to take a very different shape. I’ve gone from being a full-time professional wrestler to essentially a full-time content creator for the next while.  

So, I’m delighted to tell you that on Monday, as announced on the ROH website, we will be debuting my brand new YouTube show “Joe Vs.”

Armed with only my phone, a light, a microphone and my computer, I’ll be attempting to film and edit a 22-minute, TV-quality show in 4k, every single week. I wish I could tell you that was the most challenging part of it!

Unfortunately for me, the first episode documents my quest to beat The Bouncers -- Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas -- in a Beer-Drinking Contest. They say the life of a wrestler is tough, but just you try and match The Bouncers beer for beer and tell me that doesn't push you to your limits.

All joking aside, I’m looking forward to doing my bit for the company and stepping up to the challenge. I hope you’ll all support me by checking out the first episode.

Make sure you receive it by subscribing to the ROH YouTube Channel here:

Until next time!