A Simpler Time

By Joe Hendry

To all the workaholics out there!

The desire to contribute has been higher now than even before lockdown. Nine music videos, weekly YouTube episodes, 20 student seminars, and 7 million hits later, I was feeling like it was time for a few days off. However, this is something I've always struggled with. Because I absolutely love what I do, I sometimes I feel that taking time off is wasteful.

Rest Easy, Beast

By Kenny King

Shad Gaspard was the first person I met waiting in line to register for “Tough Enough 2.” There were some impressive, massive athletes in that line, but there was something about this 6’7” dude with these long cornrows that made him stand out. He turned and looked at me and smiled that smile that made everybody feel like a friend and said, “Sup, kid. I’m Beast.”

We Can’t Wrestle, But We Can Still Have Fun

By Will Ferrara

I remember stepping off of my flight to Las Vegas for Ring Of Honor’s 18th Anniversary and Past vs. Present weekend, only to discover that the events have been cancelled due to COVID-19. The disappointment would only grow when I returned home to an email declaring we will not be able to train at the ROH Dojo until further notice. The weight of these decisions was heavy, but I understood and agreed with the priority of safety first for all of our talent and our fans. Going into the quarantine, I had no idea it would last this long.

The Thrill of the Hunt

By Brawler Milonas

Since a young age I’ve always been a fan of collecting. It’s such a fun hobby and its limits are only bound by your imagination. You can literally collect anything. Over the years, the items I’ve collected have varied and changed quite a bit. Some are driven by changing interests, some by changing amounts of disposable income. For me it’s always the thrill of the hunt that gets me. Tracking down those hard to find items or trying to assemble a full collection.


By Joe Hendry

I’m always telling my students, don’t JUST be a wrestler. Focus on the things that make you unique and combine them with your grappling skills to form the true performer you know you can be.