ROH Debut: 2014
Brand new to Ring of Honor, it might be easy to overlook Will Ferrara.  He's not the biggest...he's not the most experienced...he doesn't have the flashiest look.  But for Will Ferrara, ever "doesn't" and "don't" he hears motivates him even more.  Ferrara's journey to ROH began with people telling him "there's no way." 
He got himself to an ROH Training Camp knowing that he wouldn't be the biggest or most gravity-defying athlete there.  But he WOULD be the most determined.  And since that day, Will Ferrara has been in the Dojo working night after night and week after week.  Traveling hundreds of miles every weekend.  Just for the chance that tonight might be the night he gets his shot.  Then he found himself entered in the Honor Rumble - and what he did with that opportunity shocked everyone.  Will Ferrara ELIMINATED World Television Champion JAY LETHAL!  In that moment, Ferrara shouted to the ROH locker room - and the ROH fans - that he's taking opportunities and he's not letting go. 
Pro Debut: