A graduate of the ROH Dojo under Delirious and Daizee Haze, Veda Scott might be newer to the sport...but her knowledge of professional wrestling is anything but immature.  After two decades of just watching from the sidelines, Veda knew she had to get the rest of the story firsthand - even if it meant a few bumps and bruises along the way.
Originally hired by ROH as a broadcaster, Veda Scott used her unique insight as a backstage interviewer to worm her way out from behind the microphone and into the ring.  Her alliance with Barrister R.D. Evans - and subsequent revelation that they shared a profession - proved that Veda is willing to go above and beyond to get her clients noticed.  #TheNewStreak took off and Veda Scott gained a new client in former NHL star Moose. 
After Evans proved to be "disappointing," Scott turned her back on her former client and focused her attention on Moose.  But when Moose seemed reluctant to follow her less-than-honorable example, Veda dropped him from her client list as well.  Her latest client, Cedric Alexander, seems a perfect match for Veda Scott's ruthlessness and ambition.
That same ambition will now be showcased in the rebirth of the WOMEN OF HONOR division.  Veda Scott has been training and competing outside of Ring of Honor, but the time as finally come for the female athletes of ROH to prove they belong alongside the best professional wrestlers on the planet!
Pro Debut: 
Providence, RI