“Women of Honor’s Ray of Sunshine” Sumie Sakai was victorious in the first-ever women’s match in Ring of Honor at 2002’s Road to the Title. Since then, Sakai has earned an international reputation for being one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world, using devastating submissions and her signature Missile Drop Kick to rack up victories.

When Women of Honor was relaunched in the summer of 2015, Sumie was one of the first stars contacted. The Jersey Shore, Japan’s international reputation proceeds herself and Sumie continues to be one of Women of Honor’s top stars. Displaying a fire and passion unlike any other Women of Honor star, Sumie has engaged in memorable bouts with “Positively Poison” Taeler Hendrix and Deonna Purrazzo while serving as a mentor for Faye Jackson and an ally to Mandy Leon and Solo Darling.

Whenever Sumie is in the ring, Women of Honor fans get on their feet. With her combination of submission, aerial, and mat wrestling, the veteran Sumie remains at the top of her game as one of Women of Honor’s best.