ROH Debut:
02/23/02 - Era of Honor Begins Philadelphia, Pa
ROH Title(s) Held:
ROH World Tag Champion - w/ Jimmy Jacobs (9/15/12 – 12/16/12)
He is described as a true throwback in every sense of the word. Steve Corino is a warrior in the ring, intelligent, unpredictable, cunning and intense. He was boisterous and brash, cocky beyond words, but able to back it up with with mind games and physicality.
Dubbed “The King of Old School”, Corino came to Ring of Honor highly decorated. He is a former National Wrestling Alliance, Extreme Championship Wrestling World Champion. Holding not only those, but other major championships in Japan and Puerto Rico, his reputation as a great wrestler far proceeded him.
He debuted as a guest color commentator on the very first Ring of Honor show, The Era of Honor Begins on February, 23, 2002. 
His official in-ring debut for ROH wasnt until October 5, 2002 as a mystery tag team partner of Homicide. Homicide was facing the challenge of former ROH World Tag Team Champions The Backseat Boys. He asked for anyone in the locker room to come out and join him. Corino sensing opportunity stepped up and seized the opportunity to make an impact. Miscommunication between he and Homicide during this match sparked what would be a lengthy war in Ring of Honor.
In typical Corino fashion, he would verbally attack Homicides lifestyle and personal background. Not long after this happened, Homicide would attack Corino with a sharpened fork. This was the first of many extreme acts of violence between the two.  This attack caused Corino to “quit” ROH due to what he perceived as a lack of respect. This was part of a plan.
Known as a master manipulator, Corino quickly returned for Final Battle 2002. He put the Ring of Honor roster on notice that he was back and he wasn’t alone. His announcement was cut short when Homicide, seeking revenge, charged out and attempted to stab Corino with his fork! Prior to the main event of Final Battle , Homicide attacked by Corino.  After a Northern Lights bomb and 3 piledrivers, it was deemed that Homicide would not be able to compete. Corino was then was allowed to take Homicide’s place in the main event and went to a 45 minute draw with Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe & Low Ki.
Corino then formed ‘The Group’ to protect himself from Homicide. The Group consisted of Samoa Joe, Michael Shane, C.W. Anderson and Simply Luscious. In their first match up at the One Year Anniversary Show, Corino would defeat Homicide. This ending saw The Group start a riot with the fans of Queens, New York.  
The rematch At Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies in August of 2003 saw Corino lose to Homicide via submission. Not only was he defeated, but Corino also suffered permanent hearing loss in his left ear.  At War of The Wire, fans witnessed perhaps the most violent match in Ring of Honor history. They did the 2 battled in a no rope barbwire match. Corino would win this one in via submission.
The rivalry saw many twist and turns in the next few years. Finally in November of 2006 at Bitter End, Homicide would defeat Corino in a Fight without Honor. Even with a strong hatred prevalent, the two would finally admit respect for each other and shake hands.
Corino would then leave Ring of Honor and commit to a retirement tour throughout many continents in professional wrestling.
In December of 2009 he would return to Ring of Honor. Corino used his manipulative skills to get Kevin Steen to turn on his best friend and tag team partner, El Generico. Corino & Steen would engage in a feud with El Generico & Colt Cabana . Always known as a gritty, tough as nails fighter, this feud would break down in 2010 into double chain matches, as well as I Quit matches.
In 2011 Corino would proclaim himself a changed man. As someone who manipulated fans into hating him, he had finally proclaimed he wanted their acceptance.  He stepped up as the sponsor of the returning Jimmy Jacobs, who had also turned over a new leaf.  
At Best in The World 2011, Kevin Steen would return and save Corino and Jacobs from an attack by The House of Truth.  Before Corino could make sense of what was going on, he was attacked by Steen in a devastating betrayal. At Final Battle 201, Corino would face Steen in a no disqualification match with Jimmy Jacobs as the special guest referee. Steen would win this match and be reinstated into Ring of Honor. Corino would once again fall from sight in ROH.
Suffering, Chaos, Ugliness and Mayhem, otherwise known as S.C.U.M. would make their presence felt in May of 2012. It was a trio comprised of Jimmy Jacobs, Steve Corino and Kevin Steen.They eventually added another animal, in Rhino to their already devastating group. Steen would wage a war with Ring of Honor executives, whom he felt deviated ROH from its original roots as a revolutionary company. Corino wanted to destroy Ring of Honor due to what he felt was a personal agenda against him.
Though he had a rich history in ROH, he wouldn’t hold a championship until September 5, 2012, when he and Jacobs defeated Charlie Hass & Rhett Titus in a tournament to win ROH World Tag Team Championship. They would hold these titles until Final Battle 2012, when they lost them to the Briscoe Brothers.
After the departure of  his targeted executives, Steen would start to appreciate and respect the Ring of Honor roster, a respect that Corino still lacked. Corino was now accused of losing his mind and still wanted his original agenda completed. He wanted ROH destroyed.
In March of 2013, Corino multiplied the villainous S.C.U.M., recruiting Rhett Titus, Jimmy Rave & Matt Hardy. On April 6, 2014, Corino would direct S.C.U.M. to attack on Steen, who a day earlier had just lost his ROH World Championship! Steen would then pledge to destroy S.C.U.M.
At Border Wars 2013  S.C.U.M. (Jimmy Jacobs & Cliff Compton) would defeat Kevin Steen & Michael Elgin. This win came with the caveat, that Corino would win an official Ring of Honor contract to become the new color commentator for ROH Television. 
In typical Corino fashion he made one last bold challenge. He would challenge Ring of Honor to a 5 on 5 match up, inside a steel cage. If ROH lost, Corino would become official match maker and control the company. If S.C.U.M lost, they would have to disband. S.C.U.M.The group would wage war until finally disbanding in June of 2013 after losing to Team ROH in Steel Cage Warfare.
He did wage one more battle himself in Ring of Honor. In July of 2014, in his final match in ROH, Steen out of respect and admiration for his his mentor,  requested Steve Corino as his final opponent in Ring of Honor.
Looked upon as a legend within ROH, someone who has won world championships and waged many classic wars, Corino is without a doubt someone that ROH fans appreciate. Always colorful, always opinionated and entertaining, he is a true asset to Ring of Honor. The proper ying to his broadcast partner Kevin Kelly’s yang, the two are comprise the best announcing team in professional wrestling today. With the way his expansive imagination works, everyone should always keep an eye on Steve Corino!
Pro Debut: 
Emerald Isle, NC