Prince Nana has been a fixture in Ring of Honor since day one.  Competing as a wrestler at “The Era of Honor Begins” in 2002, Nana eventually found his true calling when he formed The Embassy and began his quest for domination of ROH.  Although it has taken many different forms over the years, had many different members under its banner, and allied itself with many an individual, Prince Nana has always remained the center of the Universe Embassy.  It is his money, or at least the money of Ghana, that has allowed Nana to buy and sell individuals at a whim, and continue to tweak The Embassy into the greatest faction ROH has ever seen.  With a princess now at his side, Nana has passed the daily duties of The Embassy down to Barrister RD Evans, but not a decision is made that the Prince doesn’t have final say in.  The Embassy has endured the test of time here in Ring of Honor, proving that what Nana say is in fact true… “The Embassy is forever!”

Pro Debut: 
235.00 lbs
Ghana, West Africa