The mysterious Mr. Wrestling III provides expert color commentary alongside Kevin Kelly on the Ring of Honor Wrestling TV show.
The masked man has carried on the Mr. Wrestling legacy that was started by the original Mr. Wrestling, Tim Woods, and continued by Mr. Wrestling II, who personally endorsed Mr. Wrestling 3.
Mr. Wrestling 3, who describes himself as “an evil man who feels redemption when he puts on the mask,” has competed all over the world. There has been much speculation as to his true identity, but whoever he is, it’s obvious that Mr. Wrestling 3 is a highly skilled competitor.
He replaced Steve Corino as ROH’s color commentator during the later part of 2015 after Nigel McGuinness relieved Corino of his job for physically assaulting B.J. Whitmer.
Whitmer has been adamant that Corino is Mr. Wrestling 3 but he has yet to back up his accusation with concrete proof.
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