ROH Debut: 2008
ROH Title(s) Held:
ROH World Tag Team Championship w/ Matt Taven (9/18/15 - Present)
With few appearances years earlier, “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett returned to the ROH ring in late 2010 with fanfare and hype that few men have received.  Declaring to the world that 2011 would be “The Year Of The Prodigy”, Bennett, with trainer Brutal Bob in his corner, more than lived up to the hype.  Winning the “Top Prospect Tournament” early in 2011, Bennett would challenge for the ROH World TV Title albeit unsuccessfully in March, but continued to pursue that championship even after it was captured by El Generico and then Jay Lethal. 
His athletic gifts prove he is more than capable of winning any ROH Title so what may be what is truly the most frustrating thing about “The Prodigy” is that not only does he tell you how great he is, but he consistently proves that he really IS a great wrestler--a natural athlete--he doesn't HAVE to work as hard as some, because it comes so naturally.  Frequently referring to himself as the greatest entertainer in Ring of Honor, “The Prodigy” has his eyes on becoming biggest wrestling star in the world, going on to Hollywood, and making movies.  His profile was raised even further when he brought his girlfriend, Maria Kanellis, into the fold.  Now declaring herself “The First Lady of ROH”, with her & Brutal Bob in his corner, as well as the added ego boost of his “Showdown in the Sun – Day 1” victory over Lance Storm, it is only a matter of time before Bennett is holding a championship.
ROH Spotlight: 
Pro Debut: 
220.00 lbs
South Boston, MA