Houston, we are ready for liftoff!
In order to earn the nickname "The Human Rocket", one must perform aerial attacks with pinpoint precision when they soar through the sky. Leon St. Giovanni, known as LSG, has done just that, electrifying fans with 450 splashes, corkscrew planchas, and springboard handspring clotheslines.
LSG attended Final Battle in Edison, NJ with "Tough" Tim Hughes. It was there the two set goals to one day compete inside a ROH ring. LSG would make his ROH debut in January 2015 in Nashville and would face his childhood friend in tag team action in Baltimore.
It was in Baltimore where he and Shaheem Ali picked up a victory over Tough Guy Inc. Since then, he and Ali, known as Coast 2 Coast, have been a force in tag team competition, picking up a victory at Field of Honor 2016 and defeating the Carnies at The Experience. LSG and Ali use their Tu Lo Sabes finishing move and were milliseconds away from defeating the Young Bucks on ROH TV in March 2017.
LSG, a product of the Monster Factory, is not only dangerous in the air but is equally dangerous on the ground. His Saint's Flosion finishing move has helped him put away opponents across the US in singles competition.