ROH Debut: "Do or Die IV" - 2/19/05
ROH Titles Held:
- ROH World Tag Team Champion (9/19/08-4/10/09)
- ROH World Championship (5/12/12 - 04/05/13)

The anti-christ of pro wrestling.  That is how Kevin Steen refers to himself and he has more than lived up to that moniker the last several years with violent actions perpetrated on anyone who crosses his path; be it Steve Corino, El Generico, Jim Cornette, or Cary Silkin, it does not matter, everyone is a potential victim.


A former ROH World Tag Champion alongside Generico, Steen was fired from ROH after a loss to his former partner at "Final Battle 2010" in a Mask vs. ROH Career Fight Without Honor.  It seemed Kevin was indeed gone from ROH until "Best in the World 2011" when he, unwanted, returned to ROH with one four word phrase that incited 6 months of chaos: "**** Ring of Honor!" Kevin popped up randomly, whenever he felt like it, at whatever event, to create anarchy, eventually leading to "Final Battle 2011" where he defeated his former friend & mentor Steve Corino and officially earned his way back into Ring of Honor.  


“Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare”, that is what Ring of Honor officials dubbed Kevin Steen since his reinstatement to ROH competition after defeating his former friend & mentor Steve Corino at “Final Battle 2011”. Kevin promised to turn ROH in to a Ring of Hell as he pursued the ROH World Title and began to engage in war of words with champion Davey Richards, goading him into putting the title on the line.  That championship match went down at “Border Wars” and ended with Richards a victim of the Package Piledriver, a maneuver that was banned at the start of 2012, but Davey demanded be allowed for this match.


With the ROH World Title now in his possession, and with both Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino now at his side, Kevin has promised to remake ROH in his image.  Whatever that entails, it is likely a scary thing for Ring of Honor and the entire locker room…

ROH Spotlight: 
Pro Debut: 
240.00 lbs
Marieville, Quebec