ROH Debut: 2014


At first, ROH fans got to know Joey "Diesel" Daddiego as the hulking Head of Security who was impossible to miss.  As he maintained order in ROH, breaking up brawls and patrolling ringside, you couldn't help but notice him.  It seemed ROH was in safe hands as long as Joey Daddiego was on the case.


But recently, we've seen an new side to Diesel - a slightly less honorable side.  In addition to his credentials as a bouncer and security guard, Joey Daddiego is a fully trained professional wrestler.  And, it seems, his head bashing services are up for sale.  Our Head of Security was a little less objective than ROH Officials would have liked.  Truth Martini realized the potential of a Joey Daddiego alliance and got there first, slipping the big guy cash to keep him on the side of The House of Truth.  And Joey Daddiego is more than happy to serve and protect Lethal and Martini.  At least...for now.  

Pro Debut: 
Bristol, PA