ROH Debut: 28/6/2013
ROH Title(s) Held:
ROH World Tag Team Championship x 5 w/ BJ Whitmer (2), Tyler Black (2) & Steve Corino (1)
With over a decade spent in Ring of Honor, Jimmy Jacobs is no stranger to controversy and will be the first to tell you that his mind can be a dark, disturbed place where ideas are forged. Debuting in 2003, Jacobs found a spot in ROH's tag team division, regularly by the side of fellow Detroit native Alex Shelley, until Shelley went his own path and helped form Generation Next, turning on Jacobs and leaving him alone until he became acquainted with Lacey.
Under Lacey's guidance, Jacobs and his partner BJ Whitmer, known as Lacey's Angels captured the ROH World Tag Team Championships twice, a formidable team who were a staple of the tag team division through 2005 until Jacobs infatuation with Lacey grew too strong for Whitmer to cope with, leading to him turning on Jacobs and beginning one of the bloodiest feuds in ROH history, one that is still talked about to this day.
Jacobs showed that he was as callous and malicious as they came, his trademark railroad spike becoming a regular variable in his issues as he battled BJ Whitmer and a litany of bloody and violent matches, including a 'Falls Count Anywhere' match at the Fifth Year Festival: Finale in 2005 and a 'Pin fall or Submission Only Steel Cage' match at Supercard of Honor II which Jacobs emerged the victor from. Jacobs' demented mind had yet to fully expose itself, but at Man Up 2007, it emerged through the creation of The Age of The Fall.
Lead by Jacobs, The Age of The Fall made their debut by attacking The Briscoes following their now legendary 'Ladder War' with Kevin Steen and El Generico, hanging Jay above the ring as his blood covered a white jacket clad Jacobs as he spoke of the destruction which would befall ROH. It didn't take long for Jacobs, and his protégé Tyler Black, to obtain championship gold, defeating The Briscoes at Final Battle 2007 to become ROH World Tag Team Champions.
The Age of The Fall remained a force in ROH in 2008, seemingly unnerved by any opposition, but Jacobs would be the downfall of his own creation as his mental state dwindled once Lacey left him and the group to side with Austin Aries. Jacobs targeted Aries, leading to their feud which culminated in an 'I Quit' match at Rising Above 2008. Jacobs grew further deranged, leading him to attack Tyler Black at Final Battle 2008, forcing Black out of The Age of The Fall and leading to their feud and the initial demise of Jimmy Jacobs.
Black, along with other former members of The Age of The Fall, battled Jacobs and his new members of the group which included Brodie Lee and for a short period of time Delirious, until he turned on Jacobs, tired of his antics. Jacobs professed that The Age of The Fall was not over following a loss to Tyler Black in a 'Steel Cage' match at Violent Tendencies 2009, as unknown men dressed in black climbed into the cage and attacked Tyler, even lifting Jacobs from the ring. However the next night Jacobs and his followers attack was thwarted and Jimmy would be hung above the ring like how Jay Briscoe was when The Age of The Fall debuted. Jimmy Jacobs would not be seen for nearly two years.
Jacobs would return in May 2011 as a sponsor of Steve Corino who was trying to become a change man and purge himself of his evil ways. Jacobs, now a changed man, supported Corino and his message, even trying to convince Jim Cornette to allow Kevin Steen, who had convinced Corino and Jacobs that he too was a changed man into letting him back into the company. At Best in the World 2011, Steen would attack both Jacobs and Corino. Jacobs would inevitably fight Steen at the 1oth Anniversary Show in a 'No Disqualification' match, losing, but exhibiting that the evil he said was gone still lurked somewhere in his body and was looking for a way out.
At Showdown in the Sun: Day 1, the Jacobs of old re-emerged and sided with Kevin Steen, costing El Generico his 'La Ravencha Last Man Standing' match, leading to their match the following day. Jacobs and Steen would soon be joined by Steve Corino at Border Wars 2012 as Steen captured the ROH World Championship, forming SCUM, a stable which one year later would be looking to destroy the entire company. Jacobs and Corino would capture the ROH World Tag Team Championships by winning the ROH World Tag Title Tournament at 'Death Before Dishonor X', losing them to The Briscoes at 'Final Battle 2012'. Jacobs then joined Corino in his plot to take down ROH, as SCUM's numbers grew.
Jacobs, as a member of SCUM, tried to kill Ring of Honor. Lead by Corino, and alongside Cliff Compton, Matt Hardy, Rhino and Rhett Titus, Jacobs would go to war with the ROH roster, leading to a 'Steel Cage Warfare' match on Ring of Honor Wrestling, where Jacobs prevented Corino from setting Kevin Steen on fire, inevitably gaining him a chance from Nigel McGuinness following SCUM's destruction, after Steen pinned Jacobs to win the match. Nigel McGuinness gave Jacobs a chance to both win his job back and gain an ROH World Championship match by participating in a Best of Five Trial Series. Jacobs would win three of the five matches but would lose his ROH World Championship match at Pursuit: Night 1 in his home state of Michigan. Jacobs wouldn't get a spot on the Final Battle 2013 show but found way to make an impact, as another group would be formed.
Jacobs, alongside Roderick Strong and BJ Whitmer formed The DECADE, a group that is tired of people who leave coming back and old young guys disrespecting the veterans. After attacking Eddie Edwards at Final Battle 2013 to bring rise to The DECADE, the group have targeted just about everyone, bringing on Adam Page and TaDarius Thomas their "young boys", and taking exception to Cedric Alexander's use of a backbreaker, a move known for being used by Roderick Strong.
Pro Debut: 
185.00 lbs
Grand Rapids, MI