ROH Debut
“The Era of Honor Begins” – February 23, 2002
ROH Title(s) Held
World Tag Titles (w/ Mark Briscoe)
  • 11/1/03 – 4/24/04
  • 5/15/04 – 5/15/04
  • 2/24/07 – 3/3/07
  • 3/30/07 – 12/30/07
  • 4/12/08 – 5/10/08
  • 12/19/09 – 4/3/10
  • 12/23/11 – 5/12/11
  • 12/16/12 - 03/02/13
ROH World Championship
  • 04/05/13 - 07/01/13
  • 09/06/14 - Present 
Controversial, outspoken and the most decorated tag team in Ring of Honor history, Jay & Mark have earned the reputation as the most rugged team in ROH. At their family farm in Delaware, the Briscoes grew up on one of the largest chicken farms in the state, where their work ethic was shaped. A member of the ROH family since day one, Jay wrestled on The Era of Honor Begins” against Amazing Red with brother Mark in his corner due to his age making him too young to compete in PA.

As a team, the brothers went on to capture the ROH World Tag Team titles on seven different occasions, the most of any team in history.  Legendary battles with teams like CM Punk & Colt Cabana, The Kings of Wrestling, The American Wolves, and most recently The All Night Express have defined the brutal fighting style of “Dem Boys”.  Mark & Jay make no excuses for their actions or words, which have continued to earn them respect in the sport but constantly land them in trouble with ROH officials. Their recent title reign came to an abrupt end during a Fight Without Honor against WGTT at “Border Wars” so it remains to be seen where they head from here.
ROH Spotlight: 
Pro Debut: 
234.00 lbs
Sandy Fork, DE